Being labelled ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ means you get promoted by RMBC.

Forced to resign after being heavily criticised by Louise Casey CB. in the aftermath of the CSE scandal RMBC’s former Cabinet Members stayed out of sight waiting for the results of the elections on May 11th.
Since then they have regrouped but not recanted.                                                                     One member of the discredited council Cllr.Dominic Beck has resurfaced as Chairman of the Standards Committee which seems very bizarre given he was a member of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board which was allegedly supposed to review what all the separate scrutiny panels were discussing.
Rotherham had on paper a scrutiny structure that appeared comprehensive but the Scrutiny Board failed to investigate and act on the issue of CSE.

The highlight of Beck’s former chairmanship of Anston Parish Council was to telephone the police to eject a disabled pensioner after a parish meeting turned into an ugly standoff between Labour councillors and members of the public after Beck refused to read out the pensioner’s question.
You will also see former Labour councillor Dalton attempting to stop the filming of this disgraceful episode-an offence classed as Common Assault-
which shows Labour councillors putting into practice their version of ‘Democracy’.

It is beyond disgrace that the former joke chairman of APC – and a disgraced ex-Cabinet Member as well – should be chosen by his fellow Labour councillors to chair the Standards Committee when he has three outstanding complaints against him which have so far not been actioned nor investigated by Labour sympathiser Jacqui Collins RMBC’s Monitoring Officer.

How can you be classed as ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ in a hard hitting report and then be chosen to chair the Standards Committee by failed councillors on the same failed council?

Standards. adj.
1.Serving as or conforming to an established or accepted measurement or value: a standard unit of volume.
2. Widely recognized or employed as a model of authority or excellence:

RMBC Labour councillors have given a slap in the face to 1400 abused children by re-arranging jobs between themselves.
Where is the fresh blood and fresh thinking we were promised?
Or are they like the other ‘promises’ made by the Leader Chris Read– bedmate of Deputy Leader Emma Hoddinott– just hot air and part of the smoke and mirrors act designed to try and fool the Commissioners and the electorate that things are improving and RMBC is “Moving on”?

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2 Responses to Being labelled ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ means you get promoted by RMBC.

  1. S Thornton says:

    What is very surprising is that all of those who were at the 2005 seminar, and others, such as Beck and Co, who were deemed “not fit for purpose”, are now holding Chair/Vice Chair and positions in various committees.
    They are in these positions with the full authority of the Commissioners.
    What`s more scary is that Beck is Chair of the Standards Committee. This man had numerous complaints made against him whilst a Parish Councillor at Anston. Strange, even though he was on the Standards Committee at the time, he was never investigated for any of the complaints. The complaint I made against him for “bullying” was dismissed outright by Mrs Collins, the Monitoring Officer ( even stranger was that she could not define “bullying” when asked) She did not even regard my complaint as a complaint.
    So there you have it Make a complaint of Bullying against a Labour Cllr who sits on the Standards Committee and its not even looked at.
    Standards, what Standards,


  2. Insider says:

    The duplicity and arrogance of RMBC Labour councillors no longer amazes me.
    Beck’s chairmanship of APC was a complete and utter disaster and his effectiveness and performance as chairman of the Scrutiny Board is laughable. Rotherham Labour councillors are still in denial about CSE despite Reed’s announcements about ‘a new start’ and ‘working with the Commissioners’.
    Rotherham is now better known as the home of CSE instead of its industrial heritage and the selection of most of the old faces to cabinet posts is rather like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    What a farce.


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