The Art of Not Being Responsible

There is a very good poem about responsibility by Charles Osgood that sums up the attitude of Anston Parish Labour councillors who failed to be fiscally responsible, open, transparent and democratic and who continued to blame the problems at APC on other people.

“The Responsibility Poem”                                                                                                          There was a most important job that needed to be done,
And no reason not to do it, there was absolutely none.
But in vital matters such as this, the thing you have to ask
Is who exactly will it be who’ll carry out the task?
Anybody could have told you that Everybody knew
That this was something Somebody would surely have to do.
Nobody was unwilling; Anybody had the ability.
But Nobody believed that it was their responsibility.
It seemed to be a job that Anybody could have done,
If Anybody thought he was supposed to be the one.
But since Everybody recognized that Anybody could,
Everybody took for granted that Somebody would.
But Nobody told Anybody that we are aware of,
That he would be in charge of seeing it was taken care of.
And Nobody took it on himself to follow through,
And do what Everybody thought that Somebody would do.
When what Everybody needed so did not get done at all,
Everybody was complaining that Somebody dropped the ball.
Anybody then could see it was an awful crying shame,
And Everybody looked around for Somebody to blame.
Somebody should have done the job
And Everybody should have,
But in the end Nobody did
What Anybody could have

It sums up perfectly the failures of the ex-Labour councillors who controlled Anston Parish Council. Dalton, Burton, Beck, St.John, Stonebridge and the nodding donkeys which included Crowther, Bridges, O’Brien, Wardle and sham Independents Brindley and Ireland (former Chairman) who collectively failed to take any responsibilities for the state of APC’s finances, improper procedures and verbal abuse of parishioners at parish meetings.
Labour councillors make a habit of blaming others for their failures when in reality          All Of Them could and should have done a lot more to ensure APC ran smoothly.

Responsibility: (n)
the state or position of being responsible.
a person or thing for which one is responsible.
ability or authority to act or decide on one’s own, without supervision.

APC Chairman Cllr.Clive Jepson said on Monday 18th May that APC needs to make a fresh start and what is past is past. He’s right, however we should never forget it was Labour councillors who mismanaged APC to the extent it was threatened with closure by RMBC.                                                                                                                                            Anston Parish Council  is now controlled by Independent councillors. They have made a good start to repair the finances and reputation of the council and will ensure that not only will it succeed but it will serve all residents, not just those of a particular political persuasion.

They are taking Responsibility.

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