How Your Parish Council works.

Parish Councils are the 1st tier of government and councillors are accountable to you.
Councils are not charities, residents associations or private members clubs, they are part of local government. Parish councils do not have an all embracing document such as a constitution . They are statutory bodies created and governed by Acts of Parliament. Legislation defines their powers and duties. Anston Parish Council-like all councils-does not have responsibilities it has powers and duties. A power is when they may do something. Whereas a duty is that they must do something.

Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct applies to all councillors. Most residents rights were removed with the 2012 Localism Act .  The Code of Conduct is ineffectual because it is a self-regulation scheme which principal authorities have no legal powers to enforce.

Money -The Parish Precept. Parish councils have the power to tax their residents. This is known as the parish precept and is collected as part of your council tax bill.

There is a Parish Council meeting on Monday 18th May starting at 7pm. This will be the first meeting of APC where the majority of councillors are Independents.
The agenda is over filled and it is clear not every agenda item will or can be discussed in the time frame allowed and once again several items will have to be carried over until the next meeting. This is not the best way to ensure the business of the parish is conducted in the manner which benefits us all. A lot of the responsibility for such a crowded agenda can be properly blamed on the inability and ineffectiveness of Labour councillors – who previously controlled APC – to get through the agendas without political point scoring and verbal abuse (and the partisan and poor chairmanship of sham Independent Ireland) instead of concentrating on making sure our interests and money were  protected-which they promised to do in their 2011 manifesto’s.

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One Response to How Your Parish Council works.

  1. Insider. says:

    I’ve just looked at the Agenda on-line and there is no way all of the items can or will be discussed.
    The previous Labour administration not only left APC with precarious finances but also left the administration of the parish council in a shambles. (Nothing new there)
    I really hope the new councillors will be able to get through as many items as possible during the next two or three meetings so that by the end of June they can start with a ‘clean slate’ and get to grips with clearing up the mess left by the Labour party and APC -and Anston- will get the fresh start we deserve.


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