Sham Paper Candidate.

 At tonight’s Charity and Finance meetings of Anston Parish Council sham Independent Cllr.John Ireland (who is standing as the Independent candidate in Anston for RMBC) was asked for a copy of his leaflet and a summary of his manifesto. ”I have not printed any leaflets and my manifesto is I live in Anston”.    You may remember a previous post about Ireland standing for election out of pure spite, he did this at the behest of the Labour councillors who, because they have been exposed as ‘not fit for purpose’ failures, persuaded him to put his name on the ballot paper to split the non – Labour vote.                                                                                                     Ireland is making a mockery of the democratic process and this is the only time this blog urges people NOT to vote for this charlatan.                                                                  Vote for a real candidate with real policies. Someone who has put in the hard work delivering leaflets, who wants to make a difference and has been out meeting people.        Not a Labour poodle who doesn’t give a carrot if he’s elected or not.

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4 Responses to Sham Paper Candidate.

  1. Veritas says:

    If John Ireland had more than one brain cell he’d be dangerous. His disgraceful and half hearted attempt to stand for election to RMBC is plainly led by the other bunch of buffoons-aka the Labour party and APC is well rid of them.
    At least when the new parish council meets for the first time Ireland will be just a councillor-and as ineffective as he’s always been.


  2. Len says:

    Go in the pub, it is common knowledge Ireland has said he is Iain S.John’s puppet and on more than one occasion. The man is vain, anything for attention.


  3. Insider says:

    John Ireland is making an even bigger fool of himself with this charade about his (non) election to RMBC.
    He has been stitched up by the Labour party councillors because they know full well none of them would get re-elected and this stunt is their last act of defiance to the people of Anston.
    At every APC meeting it was blindly obvious Ireland is a puppet of the Labour party and his pathetic attempt to help the Labour candidate win by using this underhand method is an affront to the other hardworking candidates and their helpers.
    Shame on You.


  4. S Thornton says:

    This guy is a complete and utter joke. He was asked about his leaflets tonight, not printed any, what`s his policy, has got none. So why on earth would he stand. Sad to say, due to an uncontested election we get him for another five years (at Parish level). If my memory serves me right, he has never faced a proper election. In 2010 he was yet again elected in an uncontested election, and was then put in as Chairman of the Parish Council by the members of the Labour Party, this was done so non of them would have to face hard questions by the independents. Talking of Independents, how “Independent” is an Independent who has his past nomination papers signed by firstly, two Labour Cllrs and then secondly by a Tory. Ask anyone who has attended the Council Meeting on a regular basis if they ever saw him vote against Cllr St John, you will get the answer No.
    Independent my Ar*e
    He needs to do the good people of Anston a favour, make a press release stating he is ill, and step down straight away.


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