S.Yorks.Police and RMBC given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003

Fresh evidence has emerged that authorities in Rotherham were warned about child sexual exploitation in 2003 and again in 2006.                                                               Police and council officials took no action despite being told organised gangs were grooming and abusing girls.


The section of the report made public said “many of those involved in running child sexual exploitation rings in South Yorkshire were involved in other areas of organised crime, such as drug dealing and prostitution”.

“Dr Heal’s 2003 report was contained in an information pack, which was presented to Rotherham Council in November 2004. It went not only to police and local government but to safeguarding boards and the Labour government.”

In December 2014 Rotherham Council had refused to disclose these reports under FOI.

The Labour party can never be trusted again to control Rotherham.


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One Response to S.Yorks.Police and RMBC given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003

  1. Insider. says:

    How could the deniers and liars not realise the true and full story of these vile crimes would not eventually be brought into the open chapter by rotten chapter?
    Not one single Labour candidate mentions or discusses CSE when they are canvassing for support, I know for a fact Labour HQ has told all Labour candidates to bring every conversation onto the subjects of the NHS/Benefits/Cost of living and ‘The cuts’. Any mentions of Labour’s previous record at RMBC or in government and/or CSE are brushed aside.
    Labour is the party of PFI and denials and is completely untrustworthy.


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