Candidates and Councillors-A Bust Up.

Friday April 24th. A lovely sunny morning in downtown Dinnington .                         Spirited campaigners David Smith and Brian Lewis-both Dinnington Town Independent councillors-are betwixt the Spar shop and the open air market doing a fine job of gathering support for Cllr.Smith’s election campaign to be an Independent Borough councillor.                                                                                                                               Who is this approaching the pair ? Dinnington UKIP councillor Ian Finnie that’s who.  Brian Lewis asked Cllr.Finnie why he had not attended more than one Town Council meeting? Ian Finnie took umbrage at this pertinent question and started to get upset, he asked “What’s he (Dave Smith) ever done?” This is a well known diversionary tactic, do not answer the question instead ask another different question. Brian Lewis is nothing if not persistent and eventually an angry Cllr.Finnie replied ” I’ve got a job to go to”. It all started to get heated-toe to toe was the expression used-and finally Dave Smith was able to restore some semblance of peace and order.                                                    Being elected as a councillor carries certain responsibilities including attending council meetings to represent your electors. *(You are ‘summoned’ to a council meeting)*. If this is too big a burden then A) Do not stand for election or B) Use your spare time-including evenings and weekends-to find out what your voters need and expect of you. Then campaign on their behalf to the council.                                                               Ian Finnie has-as stated-attended one Dinnington Town Council meeting and he stayed for only 20 minutes. He has disappointed his electors and local supporters of UKIP. The Leader of Rotherham UKIP Cllr.Cavan Vines could find this embarrassing given that Cllr.Finnie has a slim majority of 98.                                                                          *(A  Borough Councillor is summoned to attend an RMBC meeting and ‘requested/invited’ to a Town or Parish Council meeting if he/she represents the local area)*                                                                                                                                              It is not unreasonable to ask a Borough councillor to attend Town/Parish meetings so that everyone is kept informed on what progress has been/is being made on local issues.

On with the campaigning and all is going well until…………………………………….. What’s this? Ah yes, Two of RMBC’s former Labour ‘not fit for purpose’ councillors in the forms of Judy Dalton and Jo Burton hove into view.                 Burton then started to harangue Cllr.Lewis accusing him of saying she had submitted an expenses claim for £11 and subsistence allowance of £6 for something or other.The problem with Labour candidates is they get so used to telling porkies they then get even more confused. Brian Lewis made the allegations against Judy Dalton not Jo Burton some months ago.                                                                                        Burton was somewhat agitated and then accused Cllr.Lewis of ‘Invading her space’. Let’s recap on this shall we? Messrs. Lewis and Smith had been campaigning from their chosen pitch for most of Friday morning whilst lost souls Burton and Dalton were skulking around Dinnington trying to pretend everything is rosy in Labour land (It isn’t, that is why no Labour candidates could be found to contest Dinnington and Anston Council seats) and Burton accused Cllr.Lewis of “invading her space”. Really?                                                                                                       When Labour councillors are on the losing side they start a petty argument and throw their toys out the pram, this has been evidenced time and time again at Anston Parish Council meetings and Jo Burton’s behaviour on Friday is typical of Labour’s ‘cornered rat’ syndrome.                                                                                                     The Labour party has abandoned this year’s Rotherham Borough elections and chooses instead to try to disrupt and discredit other candidates who have moral integrity, honesty and the courage to root out and fight the corrupt stench that  turned the name of Rotherham into a bad joke on Labour’s watch.

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4 Responses to Candidates and Councillors-A Bust Up.

  1. Insider says:

    It will be an excellent result if Bernard Froggat wins in Anston and Dave Smith wins in Dinnington.
    Two non-Labour councillors who will bring fresh ideas and breaths of fresh air to RMBC. Both candidates can and will make a far better job of representing their electors than Labour councillors ever did for the simple reasons they won’t have to check with party HQ before voting on important issues and neither of them comes with the tainted smells of corruption or CSE.


  2. John Wilkinson says:

    Your comments really do go too far.
    As a Borough Councillor, one has no requirement to attend Town or Parish Council meetings.
    In fact that was the trouble in Anston PC that too many Borough Cllrs were impeding the parishoners’ progress. Neither has Ian Finnie embarrassed Cllr Vines as far as I know.


    • Watchman says:

      Rules for councillors.
      As a councillor you have a duty to:
      attend meetings when summoned to do so; the notice to attend a council meeting is,in law, a summons because you have a duty to attend.
      It is my understanding Cavan Vines put in time and effort on behalf of Ian Finnie to ensure his election victory and to attend just one Town Council meeting is an embarrassment for UKIP. You either represent your electors or you don’t.


    • Cliff Topp says:

      As far as I understand it, and I was present at the Town Council meeting where one of the Labour Councillors as well as the UKIP Councillor agreed to do a monthly report to the people who pay their very generous allowances… AFAIK both were invited to the last Town Council meeting but declined to turn up. As Electors and Council Tax payers I believe we have a right to know what Borough Councillors have been doing to get our money…


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