Parish Electors Meeting on 13th April 2015-with Video.

The Parish Electors Meeting is held annually. The Annual Parish Meeting is not an Anston Parish Council meeting. Its sole purpose is ‘a meeting of the electorate’ at which the electorate can talk about any parish issues they wish.                                    At the start of the proceedings Chairman John Ireland made reference to the meeting being filmed and quoted advice he had received from (inaudible) which contradicts legislation. The quote Ireland read is false and erroneous. Parish Electors Meetings come under the  Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014         and as such are allowed to be filmed. At this particular meeting the camera was aimed and focused on the Chairman and the Clerk to the Council only.                                                     Independent Cllr.Stuart Thornton quoted the Regulations to the Chairman in an attempt to clarify what the Regulations say. More importantly the question why the Chairman needed to take advice about this is worrying. He and the Clerk should know what the legislation says about what meetings can and what cannot be filmed.                  One of the ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ RMBC Labour Cllr’s-Jo Burton-wittered on about members of the public being filmed which is surprising, she was sat one row back and to the left of the camera and she could see where it was aimed. Perhaps she thought she ought to say something but as usual what she said was garbage.                                     One of the items on the agenda was whether ‘Dalton Day‘ (Anston Day) should be held this year. The consensus of opinion was the cost-£2,000-was not affordable and was not included in the parish budget. Jo Burton was in favour of it. Of course she was.                                                                                                                                                   Independent Cllr.Steve Baker reminded John Ireland of his statement to ‘split the vote’ in next month’s Borough elections and asked who he (Ireland) really supported? “Myself” was the reply. There was some derision at this statement.

Apologies for the sound quality but the meeting room was never designed for decent audio recordings..

Thanks to for the video.


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2 Responses to Parish Electors Meeting on 13th April 2015-with Video.

  1. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    All meetings chaired by John Ireland have been shocking he has always been in a rush to get to the pub. As for standing for the Borough and splitting the vote – he has always voted with Labour and I guess he has been easily persuaded to split the vote by Labour – morals?

    The Chair of the Anston Day Committee would not let them raise money! Well that would be Judy Dalton I guess – Easier to blag off the poor ratepayers of Anston to the tune of £2,000 than do some work eh Judy? Shocking, let Anston pay, didn’t affect her she lives in Dinnington.

    Jo Burton, what on earth was she waffling on about – just what planet is this silly woman on!

    Roll on the new incumbents.


  2. Veritas. says:

    The Independent councillors made the effort to attend but only one Labour councillor made the effort. Is it any wonder the other Labour councillors and their sympathiser decided to stand down after they failed to protect residents interests during the past four years?
    John Ireland really ought to consider resigning as a parish councillor considering he has no grasp of finance nor standard English yet he wants to be a Borough councillor? Fat chance.
    The Electors meeting did not decide or resolve any matters affecting the parish all it did (Under Ireland’s guidance) was to dump future problems and costs on to the new PC which will hopefully take a very close look at all the vanity projects pushed through under Labour’s control during their tenure at APC.
    Overall a poorly attended and poorly chaired meeting.

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