A Parish Meeting and…….Mass Absenteeism.

Tonight’s APC meetings (Monday 20th April) was more noticeable for the number of empty chairs round the table.                                                                                                                Attendees: Cllr.Beck (aka The Boy Blunder)                                                                             Cllr.St.John.                                                                                                                                   Cllr.Baker. (Ind.)                                                                                                                                       Cllr.Jarvis. (Ind.)                                                                                                                                      Cllr.Jepson. (Ind.)                                                                                                                                  Cllr.Thornton. (Ind.)                                                                                                                          Afraid to turn up:  Bridges. Brindley. (Sham Independent) Burton. Crowther. Dalton. Ireland.(Sham Independent) O’Brien. Stonebridge. Wardle.

First the F &GP Committee meeting. St.John nominated as Chairman who said he “will not have interruptions from councillors and members of the public”                                   On to Item 7. ‘consider two quotes for hanging baskets’. One quote was for £7,000 and the other was for £8,ooo.  Value for money? You decide.                                                      Item 10. ‘to consider single quote for fireworks display’. £7,750. “Which includes VAT and all insurances”.  Whoopy Doopy Do. At this stage of the proceedings St.John showed why he should have been a detective; “It’s always been on November 5th”.                             No sh*t Sherlock?                                                                                                                               These costs were not approved and will have to be considered by the new Parish Council at the meeting on May 18th.

We then move on to the Parish Council Meeting. St.John as Chairman.                              Public Session. Item b) ‘Allow questions relating to APCRG which will be relayed to the Charity’.  “Can the Charity lend money?” St.John and the Clerk to the Council went into a brief huddle. “The answer is no“. “Why has the charity lent £8,000?”           “Erm,er, it hasn’t lent it, it is owed it”. “So the charity has debts of £8,000?” “Yes” How strange. The requirements for a Charity say ‘ As a trustee, you must run your charity with as much care as you would manage your own affairs. That means making sure it’s solvent, well-run and meets the needs for which it is set up’.                                      Item 2. Declaration of members DPI or personal interests. A question from Cllr.Thornton to St.John which made St.John raise his voice and talk across Cllr.Thornton so the answer was lost in the noise.                                                                                                                        Item 5. ‘To confirm minutes of the meeting of APC on 16th March 2015’. A female resident said she objected because the minutes did not reflect an altercation between her and Cllr.Thornton, at this point St.John was going to let Mrs.Angry carry on in full flow until Cllr.Thornton said the minutes were supposed to be a true record and could not be discussed unless a separate resolution was passed. Our heroic chairman said he was going to hear the complaint until other residents said they would also exercise their right to speak as well.   It all went downhill from that point so St.John did what he is good at. He shouted he would close the meeting.                                                                           Instead of staying calm and regaining control of the meeting he lost his temper and lost control.                                                                                                                                                Another exiting episode from the (Poorly attended) Anston Comedy Club.                                     .

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3 Responses to A Parish Meeting and…….Mass Absenteeism.

  1. S Thornton says:

    The Independents could not elect one of our own to chair the Finance meeting. Myself and Cllr Baker were not on the committee ( thats the committee that the Labour gang removed me from on trumped up false accusations) therefore there was only two Independents and two Labour. St John was forced into chairing the meeting, which he did not want to do. Both he and Beck voted to bypass Standing orders and allow only one quote for the bonfire fireworks. The two Independents were against. These two, despite my making it quite clear that they should not vote for this sum of money because they are not standing, chose to push one last financial burden on our people. It should be pointed out that Cllr St John, true to his past form, forced us, the taxpayers of Anston to fork out on a huge sum of money, money he does not pay because he lives in Dinnington. no shame.
    On the issue of the minutes, the cllrs were asked to approve them, when up piped Mrs Thomas, saying she did not agree with them. Quite strange really when you consider she is not on the Council. Even stranger was the fact that St John was allowing a member of the Public to change the minutes.
    Now lets ask why he did this. At the last council meeting Mrs Thomas had a hissy fit, and then what can only be described as a rant when I read out a statement in which I indicated she had lied in her statements to the Standards Committee. Straight after that meeting she made a complaint to the Standards Committee about myself calling her a liar. So St John was obviously aware of this and was trying a last desperate fling to “stab Cllr Thornton in the back again”. It failed. Its not surprising really this is the measure of the man.
    As for Mrs Thomas, keep digging, I have the evidence, and I am quite prepared to publish it at the right time, There may well be further revelations to come.


  2. Insider. says:

    Some of the missing Labour councillors will probably have been canvassing for Sir Nutkin which tells us they put their party above the community they were elected to serve.
    I would not be surprised if only the Independent councillors turn up on May 6th and put the Labour councillors to shame again.
    After reading the report I’m left wondering why the four Independent councillors did not take the opportunity to elect one of themselves as Chairman of APC and they could have voted down Beck and St.John and the meeting may have continued for longer?
    Roll on May 18th!


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