New Parish Council ready for a New Start.

The Independent councillors who will control Anston Parish Council after May 7th have a lot of work ahead of them.                                                                                                   Other than electing Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, deciding other responsibilities and ensuring the day-to-day management of the PC is not unduly interrupted our new parish council has to decide what needs to be done to secure the long term financial future of APC, how to maximise the assets and at the same time make sure the residents of Anston are not burdened with more costs during the next four years.                         The previous Labour administration had no qualms about spending our money and then raising the precept-and/or raiding the reserves-to make good the shortfalls.

The new councillors bring a wide range of skills to APC including Financial Management, Sales Management and one new councillor is a former employee of RMBC, these are desirable and beneficial competences for the council in the 21st century and should be used.

A) What needs to be done?

B) How will the goals be achieved?

C) How will the council make sure Openess, Transparency and Honesty is the norm?                                                                                                                                         These are the some of the challenges our new council-and councillors-will have to face.

It would be unfair to expect the new council to hit the ground running but there is massive enthusiasm and a willingness by all councillors to forge a new start and reputation for APC and put an end to the divisive policies of Labour councillors who did so much to bring Anston and our Parish Council into disrepute.


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2 Responses to New Parish Council ready for a New Start.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Thank you for the kind words. A few of the newly elected Cllrs have been attending Council Meetings for a long period, so they have a good idea of how it works. The ones I have spoken to recently are full of enthusiasm and are bristling with new ideas to bring the Public on board and sort out the Financial mess we have been left. I am sure they will all do well, and I look forward to working with them very shortly.
    As for the RMBC “hitman”, and Mrs Collins, I believe they have caused more problems than the Cllrs, and I have plan I would like to put forward that will stop their involvement in Anston . They have utterly failed to solve any problem . The problems were solved by the continued resilience of a few members of the Public, who for years have stood up to the Bully boy tactics of St John, Dalton, Stonebridge and others Labour Cllrs. They should get more credit than they are given.
    Fresh faces, fresh council, its time to move forward and try and bring the public back with us.


  2. Insider says:

    Just three councillors out of the ten in total has any experience of how APC works (Cllrs. Jarvis, Jepson and Thornton) so I don’t expect any miracles but I would like to see a vast improvement in the relationships between councillors and residents by August at the latest.
    I also hope we will see the end of visits by Jacqui Collins’ hitman Phil Beavers at APC and his repetitious speeches-which Labour councillors ignored.
    I agree the new parish council will have to work hard to restore the reputation of the parish but to be honest,they could’nt be any worse than their predecessors!


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