Farewell to APC Labour Councillors

I understand the APC Labour councillors-plus sham Independent Brindley-are planning a farewell comrades drinks/disco night to ease the pain of their humiliating climbdown from Anston politics.                                                                                                The guest DJ will be that bundle of fun and frolics Iain St.John and the MC will be our very own erudite and master of the English language John Ireland.                        It has also been suggested attendees could wear fancy dress but judging by the variety of clothing worn when they attend APC meetings  their normal attire will be suitable for the occasion.                                                                                                                               Sales of Bitter and Gin & Bitter Lemon are expected to increase on the night in question. And why not?                                                                                                                       At this stage it is unclear if Sir Nutkin will be invited as a jest guest to join the ‘Working Class Heroes’ who made a pigs ear of running APC. It is rumoured he has other pressing commitments and priorities to occupy his time during the next few weeks but he does love a photo opportunity so you never know?                                                            My source tells me ISJ is unsure about what sort of music will reflect this momentous occasion therefore, as a helpful blog we’d like to offer a few suggestions:

Go Now (Moody Blues)                                                                                                                        Get Back (Beatles)                                                                                                                             Breaking up is hard to do (Neil Sedaka)                                                                                       Goodbye (Lionel Ritchie)                                                                                                                  Take This job and Shove It (David Allan Coe)                                                                         Good Riddance (Green Day)                                                                                                              Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone (Billie Holliday)                                                Always look on the Bright Side of Life (Eric Idle)                                                           Nobody to Love (Sigma)                                                                                                                 Rescue Me (Fontella Bass)                                                                                                            Not forgetting the epic………………………………………………..                                                      Final Countdown (Europe)

It is entirely possible that Judy Dalton could supply most of the records-at a discount of course-from her (recently declared) other business which she shares with her husband. Little Pot Stove Records. 213 Nursery Road, Dinnington. Sheffield. S25 2QU.                          Now why does that address seem familiar………………………………………..?                              There has also been a suggestion that Dominic Beck (aka The Boy Blunder) will need a note from Mummy and Daddy to allow him to stay out late, after all it will not do if he had to shout when someone points out it is 11pm and asks “Is it past your bedtime?”

The evening of fun and frolics will end with a fireworks display but because the organisers cannot get a grant from APC for them two volunteers have been scouring Poundland and B&M Bargains shops to buy what is available.                                                 Six sparklers, a Catherine Wheel and a Roman Candle is all they could obtain however Labour councillors will not be downhearted, four straw stuffed effigies of the sitting Independent councillors will be set on fire at the same time in a final act of defiance.                                                                                                                                               The organisers of this special evening originally intended that a replica of a Viking longboat would be launched on the lake in Rother Valley Country Park and set ablaze but nobody volunteered to be immolated so fireworks were chosen instead.

The final appearance of the cast of Anston Comedy Club will be on Wednesday 6th May and an area of the Parish Hall has been set aside for people who want autographed copies of Dalton’s ‘resignation’ letter and copies of the video when Beck threatened a pensioner with forcible removal from a meeting.                                                                   After Monday’s meeting there will be a mobile disco in the car park and the chosen song is ‘Dancing in the street’ (Martha and the Vandellas).

The end of the Old. In with the New.



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2 Responses to Farewell to APC Labour Councillors

  1. LEN says:

    It’s the public that should be celebrating getting rid of that arrogant and incompetent lot. Just the incompetent John Ireland to go and that skate park boy who didn’t even know what his budget was, heaven help us, Anston should have a good start then.


  2. Insider says:

    Best laugh I’ve had this year so far and well written with a feeling for irony.
    My mind boggles with the thought of Dalton,Beck and co boogying the night away!
    Good choice of music as well.


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