‘Independent’ says he “Will split the vote”-For spite.

At the annual Parish Electors meeting on Monday 13th April John Ireland was asked if he remembered making a statement in a pub on Friday 10th April when he said he is standing as an Independent candidate in the Borough elections “To split the vote”?                                                                                                                                        Question: Split whose vote? Left, Right or Centre?                                                                      No mention of what he intends to do to preserve our greenbelt, what jobs he can bring to Anston or how he intends to oppose the Labour party. (?)                                                              He was also asked;”Who do you really support?”  (His record as Chairman of APC shows he is cannon fodder for the Labour party and he has never,ever voted against any Labour councillor’s proposal or amendment) John Ireland answered by saying he is not nor never has been a member of the Labour party but did not answer the question he was asked.                                                                                                                           Has he been ‘persuaded’ by his lefty friends to stand as a Borough candidate to ensure a Labour victory? Does he really want to be a Borough councillor or is this a cynical stunt by him and the Left to make sure Labour candidate Robert Taylor-a resident of Aston-wins the majority of votes?                                                                                                  Ireland has never shown any recent ambitions to be a Borough councillor and it is rumoured he is standing for election-at Labour’s request-because Labour’s candidate is facing very strong competition from the UKIP candidate Bernard Frogatt.                                                                                                                                     John Ireland’s record as a Parish councillor and Parish chairman is poor, he cannot control meetings, he cannot follow an agenda and during the last 2 years as Chairman of APC he has been under the control and influence of Dalton and St.John, what he thinks he could achieve as a Borough councillor is open to question.

Split the vote? An underhand stunt to undermine democracy in Anston. He knows he cannot and will not win the seat and he’s helping his Labour friends-whether he admits it or not-to retain a Borough council seat they do not deserve.                                                       If Ireland was serious about standing as an Independent candidate he should have started campaigning and leafleting weeks ago.                                                                        Despicable behaviour and only to be expected from another Labour nodding donkey.       You’re having a laugh John. At our expense.                                                              





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2 Responses to ‘Independent’ says he “Will split the vote”-For spite.

  1. LEN says:

    John Ireland commands little respect in South Anston, we can see why.


  2. Insider says:

    I cannot think of a more unsuitable person to be elected as a borough councillor.
    John Ireland stated at an APC meeting he was ‘Labour’s puppet’ and it is common knowledge his election as chairman of the parish council was a stitch-up between himself, Beck, Dalton and St.John.
    He is nothing more than a ‘spoiler’ candidate and he intends to split the right-of-centre vote to help the Labour party secure a squalid victory.
    Shame on you.


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