Labour councillors abandon ship.

I said originally I would publish this on Monday 13th April however events have overtaken us so here it is:                                                                                                                                        9 Anston Parish Labour councillors and 1 sham Independent councillor all stood down on Friday 10th April with immediate effect and decided not to stand for re-election. Beck.Bridges.Brindley.Burton.Crowther.Dalton.O’Brien.St.John.Stonebridge and Wardle.

There are a few reasons why this bunch of incompetent and rude no-hopers all jumped ship at the same time; The threat by RMBC’s Monitoring Officer to close APC down after 35 complaints were sent to her, they have been abandoned by Sir Nutkin and the fact they were facing humiliating defeat in the May election. They jumped before they were pushed.                                                                                                                          No doubt in the next few days and weeks we shall be forced to listen to their bleating and moaning why they felt ‘they had to resign’. Expect to see and hear sentences containing the usual garbage words “bullying, verbal abuse, aggression from members of the public ” etc,etc. Labour party councillors will never admit to their sheer incompetence, procedural improprieties, non declaration of interests, financial illiteracy and putting loyalty to their party above the interests of the community all of which were the cause of massive problems between residents and Labour councillors at APC.  

Anston Parish Council will now be run by the majority Independent group of councillors who do not have any party allegiances, who are financially competent and it is a chance for them to show residents how open democracy and transparency benefits everyone.  No more shady deals behind closed doors nor biased agenda’s.

This is a fresh start for Anston Parish Council which has been misruled and mismanaged by the Labour party for over twenty years. Let’s hope the new councillors can restore pride in democracy and pride in Anston.                                                 

The Anston Parish Councillors are:                                                                                  John Ireland (Two elections in a row where he has scraped in unelected)-A Sham Independent.                                                                                                                                     Gordon Jarvis.                                                                                                                                     Clive Jepson. -(Also a Borough Councillor)                                                                                       Ivan Machin. *                                                                                                                                      Myles Manship.*-(Political allegiance undeclared) a protégé of Dalton.                                    Philip Mathews.*                                                                                                                                 Christine Sadler.*                                                                                                                               Drew Tarmey.*                                                                                                                                  Stuart Thornton.                                                                                                                                       Paul Vernon.*                                                                                                                                         *= New Councillor                                                                                                                                   Former Independent Councillor Steve Baker chose not to stand again.

Did this blog play some part in the downfall of the not fit for purpose Labour failures?


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3 Responses to Labour councillors abandon ship.

  1. Insider says:

    This is excellent news for Anston. No more snide remarks from St.John or Dalton or silly faces from Brindley. Now the hard works begins to repair the damage caused by the Labour party (was it ever any different?)
    I wish the new councillors the best of luck and look forward to more harmonious parish meetings.


  2. I Machin says:

    I posted some of these words elsewhere but its seems appropriate to post them here too.

    I was surprised to see that none of the labour councillors are standing again and I was happy to fight an election based on a new start for Anston Parish Council.

    Still, I look forward to working with my fellow Independent councillors in May and starting the process of putting Anston Parish Council back on track so that it works for the benefit of Anston people and not for the benefit of a political party.

    No doubt there will be some hard work ahead to unravel some of the problems in Anston but I’m confident that residents will notice a huge difference in how the parish council is run.

    I Machin


    • Watchman says:

      The Labour councillors did not stand for re-election for the reasons stated. They know they are fighting a losing battle and have demonstrated time and time again their contempt for the democratic processes.
      Thanks for your comment Badger.


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