The day Sir Nutkin (aka Sir Kev Barron) faced failure.

It was a chilly Saturday morning (4th April) in Dinnington, my self and Mr Lewis had decided to go shopping. As we were about to avail ourselves of a Tesco trolley we saw the not fit for purpose deputy leader of RMBC; he told us he had come to get his wife some flowers. He went into the shop one way and came out another minus his wife’s flowers; Mr Lewis said he must be one of those secret shoppers.                                                            Leaving the supermarket behind we thought we would have a stroll along the high street. Much to our surprise we came upon Sir Nutkin and his not fit for purpose entourage; and would you believe it the secret shopper was there. The ever amiable Mr Lewis gave a hearty hello Sir Nutkin what have you done with our half a million pounds. As I am sure you are aware Sir Nutkin is well known for his quick witted repartee; he immediately replied write to me with your question. Mr Lewis is nothing if not persistent, he pursued Sir Nutkin for an answer. This seemed to irritate Sir Nutkin, so I thought I would intervene. In an attempt to calm the situation I quietly approached the by now spooked Sir Nutkin; and asked him, when you stood up in the animal sanctuary and said you accepted completely the Casey report; you also told Pickles Gherkin that you agreed with his actions, why have you got not fit for purpose minions with you? Strange to say this seemed to enrage Nutkin  even more.                                                                                                            Then a curious thing happened, a garden gnome came in by parachute declaring I am the Labour candidate for Dinnington. By this juncture Sir Nutkin had lost the plot; his tail was bristling as he told Mr Lewis, I have a secret number in my phone it goes direct to the pigs. Did this deter Mr Lewis? Not for a second so Sir Nutkin, the garden gnome and the not fit for purpose clowns took their balloons and left. Mr Lewis and I retired to the coffee shop. Sir Nutkin is probably sat up a tree some where cursing the day he came to town.

Dave Smith

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Later the same day Sir Nutkin and part-time councillor Dalton with other not fit for purpose hangers-on gathered outside the Cutler pub preparing to spread more Labour lies in Anston. A local resident asked Sir Nutkin “where is our half a million pounds?”*          Sir Kev was not a happy bunny and after much muttering and confusion the entire despicable entourage disappeared.                                                                                                     * Barron charged taxpayers £1,500 a month to rent a three-bedroom London home owned by Shadow Cabinet office minister John Trickett. Barron began renting the Labour MP’s home after flogging his own taxpayer-funded house for a £500,000 profit. Not content with sorting himself out at our expense, now Barron is funnelling taxpayers’ money straight into the bank account of his pal Trickett. As soon as Trickett got wind the story was about to break he put the property up for sale.                       Barron, unbelievably, was the chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee, while Trickett was responsible for shining a light on government sleaze. These two are some of the most disgraceful rent-swappers of all. They knew they could get away with it because they think their Labour seats are safe. *

An interesting observation: The new RMBC Labour candidate for Dinnington is Jeanette Mallinder. Her nephew is Miles Manship, a member of the Anston skateboard committee and bag carrier for Labour councillor Judy Dalton who is chairperson of the Skateboard committee. Labour counciullors-including Dalton-voted to give £500 of our money to the skateboard project. Labour councillors Judy Dalton and Iain St.John live in Dinnington.     Was Mallinder selected by the local Labour party or was she ‘selected’ by Dalton and Co?  What is the cosy relationship between Mallinder, Manship, St.John and Dalton? How convenient that the aunty of a skateboard committee member was chosen as the Labour candidate for Dinnington-which just happens to be the home area of the Labour councillor who chairs the skatepark committee. 

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