Sir Nutkin in Panic Mode-Desperation and Perspiration.

Whilst most people were enjoying Easter Holiday Monday with their friends and families our intrepid hero Sir Nutkin (aka Sir Kev Barron) and his Campaign Manager Michael Denoual-not sure how it is pronounced so for the purposes of this narrative he’s Michael Denial (It fits with Labour’s mindset over the CSE scandal)  and RMBC Labour candidate Robert Taylor were door knocking on The Oval in Anston.                                There was Mr.Denial with his copy of the Electoral roll telling Sir Nutkin the name of the homeowner so he (Sir Kev) could greet them by name before trying to cajole/persuade them to Vote For Me.                                                                                                         Nice,friendly Sir Nutkin ‘he knows my name’. What a nice man.                                          Allegedly.                                                                                                                                                I understand the reaction to Sir Nutkin’s presence was; He’s-Never-Been-Round-Here-Before?                                                                                                                                   He’s a worried man and so he should be. His silence when the Rotherham CSE scandal broke speaks volumes. Sir Kev insists he knew nothing about the level of exploitation that was going on for sixteen years, aside from one case in 2003 which he referred to South Yorkshire Police. Yet Barron’s daughter Amy Rushworth, who has been on the council since 2000, and his brother Colin who has only recently left his position, were both Labour councillors who sat on the children’s committee during the period covered in the investigation by Alexis Jay. The pair were both present at what Jay describes as “unambiguous” presentations in 2004-5 following which no councillor could plead they didn’t know about child sexual exploitation in the borough.                                                                                                                                                 But neither of them told Sir Nutkin any details of what was taking place in the constituency he represents. Allegedly.

Sir Nutkin did not even have his hangers-on Dalton and Beck to help him (Dalton was probably totting up the profits from her gangs and grooming business and Beck might have been planning his next career move up from failed councillor) as he trudged  round The Oval door knocking in the warm sunshine and being rebuffed.                                                                                                                                      Robert Taylor (Who he?) was like a fish out of water and much prefers to be seen with Sir Nutkin instead of making the effort to understand the problems facing Anston and Anston Parish Council.*Edit*  Robert Taylor is a resident of ASTON and knows absolutely nothing about ANSTON and WOODSETTS. The Labour party is so desperate for candidates it is parachuting in anybody and everybody who is prepared to stand as a Labour party candidate.                                                                                           With Dalton as Taylor’s mentor we won’t hold our breaths waiting for things to improve.



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3 Responses to Sir Nutkin in Panic Mode-Desperation and Perspiration.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Sir Nutkin had the pleasure of dropping leaflets on the oval, strangely he did not want to visit me nor my house. I spied Michael Denial at the top of my drive, and told him to “go away”. Just then our newly “Parachuted in Fireman”, Robert Taylor, just happened to be walking past, I told him to keep walking, but then I changed my mind and asked him his view on CSE. Strangely he would not answer me. I asked again and again he would not answer, but he did say he knew me and called me by my name. As I was about to ask again, who should pop up but Sir Nutkin himself. Straight away, without any prompting, he looked at Mr Taylor and said “That`s Stuart Thornton”, he was clearly trying to warn him who I was. He then went to walk next door, I asked him why he would not talk to me, he turned sharply and said “I have talked to you on numerous occasions”, at this I was taken aback. I replied, “no you have`nt we have only ever met on one occasion”, so you have just lied in front of these ( his cronies). He said, “Remember that Meeting at Dinnington ( he was refering to the Dinnington Miners Welfare Public meeting) “I said then it was only being used for dog walking and its still being used for dog walking”. I pointed out again that he had lied, he was not best pleased, he then stormed off next door. I asked Mr Taylor for a leaflet but he seemed very reluctant to give me one, I wonder Why. Shortly they all began to walk away, and the big fat one, Michael Denier, turned and said in a mocking voice, “you can now go on Rothpol and tell them about it”. I later approached him to ask his name, he refused to say his last name, and I said thought it disgraceful that he should be talking to the Electorate like that, Mr Barron was stood at the letterbox listening all the time.
    So there you have it, a Candidate parachuted into Anston from outside who refuses to answer questions on CSE. A party worker who thinks it right to mock the electorate. and a Ex Member and Chair of the Standards Committee at Parliament, telling lies in front of Members of the Public.
    Couple that with the nice lady who is standing as a Labour candidate for Dinnington, who thinks it right to tell people to ” F**K OFF”, what a nice bunch of people.
    Labour Central Please take note.


    • Watchman says:

      It is very unlikely ‘Labour Central’ will do anything at all given they refused to take any actions against the no-hoper bunch of disgraced and failed Labour councillors who let Rotherham down so badly. That is why Sir Nutkin and the Labour party is desperate; desperate for supporters,desperate for candidates and desperate for votes.
      No wonder Sir Kev was sweating!


  2. Insider says:

    I’ve never ever seen Sir Kev door knocking before on the estate where I live which is some kind of record, he’s been the local MP since 1983!
    Why is he suddenly taking an interest in parts of Anston he’s never visited before, is it because he accepts his seat is vulnerable or is it that he realises his constituency contains bits the other parties have reached?
    Time will tell if his majority will be reduced further or overturned completely.


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