APC Rotten to The Core-Ex Labour Councillor speaks out.

I have been given kind permission to reproduce in full this letter from ex APC councillor Peter Barnes. Extracts from the letter were published in the Worksop Guardian on Friday 3rd April.

I have to say I read your article in last week’s Guardian with extreme interest and I write to you here in full support of Councillor Thornton.
It would appear from your article that Anston Parish Council (APC) is making attempts to put all the blame onto Councillor Thornton. That was certainly not the case when I was a member of that council, and I must say that I’m very embarrassed to even say I’ve been a member of the APC.
I allege that it was particular members of political persuasion on the council who, from the onset of Mr Thornton putting-up for election, had the sole intention of getting him removed if in the event he were to be successful in getting elected. You see Mr Thornton had past history with the APC prior to the election. Mr Thornton had crossed swords with the Parish Council over bis “Right of Way” over Council land, and I further allege that it was their intention to give Mr Thornton (now Councillor Thornton) as much aggravation as they could muster. I allege that all they wanted on the council were yes-men (or women) and Councillor Thornton was certainly not one of those; he always attended council meetings after doing an extreme amount of homework on the matters in hand which certainly rocked the boat for these people.                                            I attended one meeting where after the close of the meeting a member of the council   stormed across the room to Councillor Thornton in a manner which looked as if to attack him ((That would have been sham Independent Joyce Brindley. Ed.) and I see from your paper that in one instance more recently Mr Thornton allegedly had to defend himself from an alleged attack by that councillor’s husband, which unfortunately brought Mr.Thornton and Mr.Brindley  before the courts.
I allege that members on the council of a particular political persuasion did/do resort to bullyboy tactics, and I myself have been in the unfortunate position (more than once) at the hands of some of those particular members. I see that APC meetings are now videoed but I did keep detailed records of most of the meetings that I attended, so if in the event I was chastised by these particular folk I could prove what had happened.
I wish you good luck Councillor Thornton and you will certainly need it, albeit I know you have the stamina to combat your enemies on the APC.
I’ve said it before; Anston Parish Council is unfit for purpose and in my opinion should be disbanded just like RMBC.  APC amalgamating with another council would simply allow the rotten apples of that particular political persuasion on APC to contaminate the other council’s members.
Expending money on any investigation, even by a former senior member of the Standards Board for England, would be a whitewash and a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money. Shut them down I say!!

E Peter Barnes (ex-APC Councillor)

Peter Barnes was a well respected Labour councillor who was eventually bullied and harrassed off the council by his former Labour colleagues because he refused to join them  riding roughshod over residents concerns and complaints. It is alleged St.John led the clique that forced Peter Barnes off Anston Parish Council. Mr.Barnes believes in the principles of true democracy, openness and honesty and because APC Labour councillors abandoned these principles they have put the future of Anston Parish Council in jeopardy.

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2 Responses to APC Rotten to The Core-Ex Labour Councillor speaks out.

  1. Insider. says:

    Whenever I attend an APC meeting I know there is going to be acrimony and conflict. The current crop of Labour councillors are genetically programmed to be rude,ignorant and financially incompetent.
    Old school Labour councillors like Mr.Barnes are a vanishing breed which is a great pity because he always took the time to listen to residents and refused-rightly IMV-to put up his hand to vote with the rest of the automatons if he did not believe in the proposals.
    APC is a shadow of what it used to be, it is now run as a private Labour members fan club and we know where that has led us.
    Well done to Peter Barnes for speaking out.


  2. I remember a dreadful prolonged verbal attack on Peter Barnes by Iain St.John and his wife Vivienne. I clearly remember their faces blood red in anger and the veins standing out on Vivienne’s neck as she was straining across the desk screaming at Peter Barnes sitting on the opposite table. Iain St.John shouting and bawling and saying he wished he had never signed Peter Barne’s nomination papers and on and on.

    Throughout this shocking tirade Peter Barnes sat composed, as the gentleman he is.
    I made a complaint – still have the file. What happened – the usual – nothing.


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