Election Countdown #2

Here is the Labour election leaflet.                                                                                                Why is Labour more scared of UKIP than the SNP-which is forecast to obliterate the Labour party in Scotland?

How will Labour pay for ‘20,000 more nurses  and 8,000 GP’s?’                                    The proposed ‘Mansion Tax’ will not raise enough money.                                                             Where are the policies instead of soundbites?



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2 Responses to Election Countdown #2

  1. jay jay says:

    I did email Mr Barron about this leaflet but, as expected, received no answer.


    • Watchman says:

      No surprise there! I’m still waiting for an answer to my email to him sent 18 months ago.
      Barron can only talk about Labour policies, ask him a direct question and he’s stumped. Or abusive.


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