Justice and Democracy-Labour’s Version

Last Monday evening (16th March) after the F & GP meeting it was time for the Anston Parish Council meeting.     Now updated with video recording in four parts*                       Item 7 on the agenda: To consider breach of Code of Conduct by member.                          Including 7(i): 7(ii):7(iii): 7(iv):7(v) all of which related to an altercation between Cllr.Stuart Thornton and Mr.Bill Brindley-Husband of sham Independent Joyce Brindley. The RMBC Standards Committee and Hearing Panel had met and decided previously that Cllr.Thornton had been a Naughty Boy and should be punished. This included exclusion from all committees, sub committees and any outside appointments plus ‘training’ for him.                                                                                                                         You might think the procedures and sanctions are appropriate in this case.                     Both Cllr.Thornton and Mr. Brindley were bound over last year to keep the peace. For a person who has no previous criminal record and has committed an offence which is not too serious (e.g. common assault or fight in public place without any weapon), the prosecution may agree to offer no evidence against that person on condition that the person agrees to be bound over by the Magistrate. The advantage of this procedure (commonly called “O.N.E. Bind Over”) from the accused person’s viewpoint is that he is technically acquitted of the criminal charge and so will not have any criminal conviction record.                                                                       The Magistrate has decided what the punishment should be and as neither the Monitoring Officer-Jacqui Collins-nor the members of the Standards Committee are magistrates it could be argued they were acting ultra vires.( (Law)  (predicative) beyond the legal power or authority of a person, corporation, agent, etc)         Back to the kangaroo court at APC. As shambling John Ireland (Chairman) bumbled and mumbled his way through the letter from RMBC which detailed what punishments should  befall Cllr.Thornton the idiotic and tiresome Joyce Brindley started to pull silly faces whilst looking round the table for support. No-one else gave her a second glance.              Breaches of the Code of Conduct should be investigated and any sanctions should be proportionate however it has been the long standing aim of Anston Labour councillors to muzzle Cllr.Thornton because he holds them to account for their actions and questions most of their decisions. It is what Independent councillors do to protect their constituents instead of blindly raising their hands to agree with every Labour motion.

A meeting of Rotherham Council’s Standards Committee was held on Thursday 12th March. A report to the meeting said there had been more than 35 complaints regarding Anston Parish Council in the last two and a half years.                                                                                                                                                  The committee were considering three options to resolve the issues at Anston Parish Council: an intervention costing £8,000 (Which will be paid by all Anston residents) or as a last resort, the abolition of the parish council or a merger with another council.         They decided to postpone making a decision until after the May elections.

There you have it; A parish council under intense scrutiny and in real danger of being abolished or merged controlled by an inept clique of Labour councillors set themselves up as judge and jury(Following orders from politically biased Jacqui Collins) to sanction an Independent councillor but will not investigate Judy Dalton’s undeclared gangs and grooming business nor St.John’s links with the Brethren.

Missing from Monday’s meeting: Beck. Bridges. Burton. Crowther. Stonebridge

*. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoSqNezTwoA                                                                                                                                                                                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_yMELix7NA  









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7 Responses to Justice and Democracy-Labour’s Version

  1. Sally Peacock says:

    I have recently watched the filmed meetings of Anston Parish Council. I am absolutely appalled by the behaviour of some of the members of public. The shouting and abuse by some people including Mrs Estrada-Haigh is disgusting. I also find a lot of the comments on this website very offensive. The members of the Parish Council have been voted into office by the residents of Anston. They receive no payment for what they do and should be treated with more respect.


    • Watchman says:

      Being elected as a parish councillor also carries responsibilities; Openess, Honesty and Transparency to name three.When Dalton and Burton refuse to recognise they carry some responsibility for what has happened in Rotherham it is not surprising when emotive subjects are not debated properly that tempers flare. Add to this Labour party councillors incompetence on financial matters and you have a recipe for disaster.
      Offensive comments will never be published, perhaps you meant robust and frank comments? There are blogs which do publish foul and abusive language.That will never happen here.
      All (non-offensive) comments are published and all points of view are welcome.
      Thank you for your comment and welcome to Anston Parish Council Watch.


  2. LEN says:

    I have just watched this recording. No wonder the public is up in arms, the Labour councillors are a disgrace behaving in a totally unprofessional manner lead by the out of date Iain St,John who was interrupting all through the meeting and making unacceptable noises. that Judy Dalton is sitting there so bold as brass is breathtaking. Hasn’t she been involved in a company making money to do with Child Sexual Exploitation. She has some brass neck and obviously no standards.
    The man who stood to the side and gave a talk was full of himself, I notice he called Eric Pickles not by his Christian name nor as Mr Pickles but just Pickles more than once, wasn’t that rude and it showed disrespect or does it show his political bias,
    It was never like this when Alice Butterfield chaired Anston Parish Council and it wasn’t like it when Ray Pollard chaired it. They were the people who were interested in the village and did things for the best for Anston, As far as I can see that Labour lot are just interested in exploiting the village, maybe be they think they are famous well they are not they are disgraceful.
    The Councillor Thornton was very restrained and professional, you are a credit sir.


  3. Gavin Hands says:

    As a Labour supporter until 2005 I am saddened by the complete breakdown and demoralisation of the Labour party in Rotherham and Anston in recent years.
    Watching Anston Parish Council meetings is painful, in particular the constant denials of the Labour group that the problems facing the council are not their fault. How many times have Burton, Beck and Dalton refused to answer questions about what they know about CSE? What about the instances when Labour councillors rig the meetings so they do not have to answer questions from the public? Why didn’t Dalton declare her interest when she sat at the table and voted to bung £500 of our money to the skatepark committee?
    The antics at APC are reminiscent of trade union activities in the 70’s and 80’s when democracy was denied to the rank and file.
    No sane person wants to see APC abolished or merged but unless Labour councillors are either voted out of office or given a severe jolt in May Anston Parish Council could disappear and that will not benefit anyone.


  4. Insider says:

    Anston Labour councillors learned their lessons in dealing with the opposition from Stalin’s Guide to Democracy ie: Don’t answer the question,attack the questioner.
    Labour’s control of APC is so ineffective they have placed the council in an impossible situation which at the same time means residents are denied democracy and full participation in the decision making process. Joyce Brindley’s amateur dramatics were worthy of a four year old child, she really is a pathetic individual.
    I make no comment about the Brindley-Thornton saga because like many people I did not witness what happened, neither did Dalton, Burton nor St.John.
    Anston Parish Council is a monument to what happens when Labour councillors cannot have their own way and the number of complaints (35 for goodness sake!) against them is testimony to their abject failures to adhere to the Nolan principles and to bring shame and disgrace to our parish.


  5. valerie sheldon-ennis says:

    Wait for the video and then watch silly Joyce Brindley denying Bill Brindley was bound over on TWO counts, Assault and Threatening behaviour – Don’t they speak at their house?
    This is a Labour councillor that has and shows no respect for service personnel of H.M. Armed Forces.


  6. Nor would Jacqui Collins do anything about Iain St.John’s most vicious and prolonged verbal assault of Mr Dickens – One rule for Labour and another for – yes you have guessed it – Independents. Is she fit for purpose?


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