Ex RMBC Leader Stone. The Denier.

Roger Stone was Leader of RMBC from 2003 until he resigned in 2014. It is said he was a sexist bully and completely the wrong man for the job as Leader.                          He resigned the same day the Alexis Jay report was published.                                          Yesterday 10th March he was questioned by the Communities and Local Government Committee. Everyone and anyone who is outraged by the CSE scandal in Rotherham should watch Stone squirm and deny the truth of the Casey report.  .                                                                                                                          http://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/05913185-e6d8-4f49-aede-03782febc381

His sorry excuses for what happened in Rotherham amounted to ‘I believed what Officers told me’.Who was running the council, Stone or paid officials?  He has no leadership skills at all.                                                                                                                            “I accept the Jay report but I don’t accept the Casey report”. “I am not in denial”. “Risky Business was not closed down, it needed better management”. Really?                   “Do you accept you were an unfit leader?”  “No I don’t accept that”.                              Astounding arrogance and a whole new meaning of the word ‘denial’.              To quote; ‘A Manager does things right. A Leader does the right things’.

It is interesting to note that during Stone’s time as Leader of RMBC Labour councillor Jo Burton was Vice Chair of the Children and Young People’ Scrutiny Panel. She still claims she knows nothing of CSE even though the Scrutiny Panel were looking at ‘measures to address sexual exploitation of children and young people’. This was part of the work programme 2007/08.                                                                                                      Part time Labour councillor Dalton set up her ‘gangs & grooming ‘ business during Stone’s time as leader. Dalton was elected as a borough councillor in 2011 and was criticised by Louise Casey for her ineffective role as chair of the Licensing Committee-responsible for taxis being used for the purposes of teenage prostitution.

Stone also has the brass neck to suggest Eric Pickles is ‘part of a conspiracy’ to take democracy away from Rotherham!                                                                                 All the evidence so far points to Stone’s leadership of RMBC being as democratic as North Korea ie: Me Leader. You jump.                                                                                                         It is very evident from the video that Stone cannot and will not accept any responsibility for being an obnoxious twerp.




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3 Responses to Ex RMBC Leader Stone. The Denier.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Rodger covering his tracks again by denying Cassey, blames other for not telling him. Why do you think he got the name “Rodger the Dodger”.
    Just an after thought, I have never heard any of our Labour Members at Anston criticise him or say they agree with his resignation. but there again most of them are just as tainted as him.


  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Stone is unrepentant because he is A) uneducated and B) unsympathetic to the plight of abused young people.
    It is typical of the deniers to try and fault the Casey report with flimsy excuses. If these dishonourable people are so sure Louise Casey’s report is riddled with errors and falsehoods why don’t they ask for a Judicial Review?
    Stone is a contemptible individual with the brains of a jackass.


  3. Insider. says:

    Here we have the failed ex-leader of a failed council who failed to take any actions against known perpetrators of child grooming failing to tell the truth. This poor excuse for manhood then has the gall to criticise Pickles for the ‘takeover’ of RMBC by the Commissioners because it is ‘not democratic’. You could’nt make this up.
    The Labour party’s rigid control of Rotherham which refuted any and all criticisms of them and turned a blind eye to Pakistani child abusers is what led to the unholy mess now facing RMBC. It will take probably a generation for Rotherham’s reputation-such as it is-to recover.
    Burton and Dalton should hang their heads in shame and resign immediately instead of clinging on and taking our money under false pretences.
    Since when did ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ mean carry on as normal and pretend nothing happened?


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