APC. Watch Labour Morons in Action.

Last Wednesday 4th March Anston Parish Council met to discuss the Charity and Finance agendas. The videos of these meetings are below and it must be said that after viewing them it is easy to understand why APC is Not Fit For Purpose. For example; the Charity meeting agenda Item 16- ‘ To consider location of proposed skatepark and approve the use of Charity land for this purpose’. More on this later.

Videos 1 & 2 cover the Charity meeting and once again Independent councillors have to point out several inconsistencies and omissions on the agenda including debtors, charges and building insurance costs. As expected the Labour councillor’s and sham Independent Brindley remained silent simply because they do not understand how to read a budget sheet and have no qualms about spending our money without any discussions or debate.

Video 3: Finance meeting. Chaired by part time councillor Dalton (Who said she was retiring from public life-allegedly) The first thing Dalton did was to cherry pick items from the agenda which meant Item 21 (i) ‘To consider Cllr.Dalton’s attendance at the monthly  F&GP committee meeting following the press article of 01/08/2014′ was not going to be discussed. Independent Cllr. Clive Jepson was very upset about this (and rightly so) because the same question has been on the agenda since September last year and the Labour party do not want this matter discussed in public meetings. Item 18 (g) (i) on the Finance agenda (not discussed) was ‘ To consider/approve taking full responsibility for proposed skatepark if/once constructed’. Consider this; The first proposal was to site the skatepark on Charity land and the second proposal was for APC to accept responsibility for the skatepark.                                                   See what I mean about Not Fit For Purpose?                                                                               The Charity and the Council are separate entities therefore APC cannot accept and take control of anything that is the concern of the Charity. It requires a motion to be proposed, seconded and voted on before any transference of assets between the Charity and the Council can take place.                                                                                                                       APC is currently controlled by a bunch of Labour morons.

In video 3 you will also see Dalton lose control of the Finance meeting partly because of her decision to select certain items from the agenda and the general uproar from members of the public who were again denied the chance to openly question her and her bizarre behaviour.                                                                                                                         St.John also shouted across the table which caused further disruption and the meeting was closed by Dalton.                                                                                                    Democracy is denied to residents by people who were elected to represent them and who prefer instead  to run away from hard questions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Absent from the meeting were: Beck. Burton. Bridges. Crowther. Stonebridge. Wardle.
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3 Responses to APC. Watch Labour Morons in Action.

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    I consider it more than unusual that the Charity meeting should have taken so long to get through the agenda. If the Clerk and the Chairman had done their jobs properly and not omitted obvious-and costly-details the agenda could have been completed within 30 minutes.The Finance agenda meeting was a farce which was no more than expected. Who was the Chair of the meeting? Who cherry picked items on the agenda? Part time councillor Dalton is incompetent and has no idea how to conduct a meeting (or herself).
    Anston needs saving from any further damage caused by the inept and economically illiterate Labour councillors who cannot cope with strong opposition and public scrutiny.


  2. Insider says:

    I will watch with amusement when Labour councillors start campaigning to be re-elected in May.
    Why on earth would anyone with half a brain vote to put these people back in charge of the parish council when they’ve already screwed it up?
    Labour councillors have shown they cannot be trusted to look after our money, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth and all the evidence to date is that they consider APC some sort of private club where they can say and do whatever they please.
    Dalton’s increasingly weird behaviour is not-as she likes to pretend-the result of ‘bullying’ at APC it is IMV the fact she is being put under scrutiny about her knowledge of CSE via her gangs and grooming business and that she is not supported by Burton,Crowther or Beck.
    It is time for them to go.


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