Dalton-Afraid To Face The Public

Judy Dalton announces her resignation as a Borough councillor-in a letter published in the the ‘Advertiser’ Friday 27th February.                                                         She has refused to attend the last two APC meetings to answer questions about her intention to resign and her previous letter when she stated she would not be attending APC meetings. That was a lie.                                                                                                            It is more than coincidental that she announces she will not stand as a Borough councillor just after the Casey report was published (RMBC ‘not fit for purpose’) and her woeful ineptness as chair of the Licensing Board was slammed in the same report.

As a common courtesy she should attend Parish meetings and explain the reasons for her U-turn and to announce her resignation before we read it in the press. We pay her salary, allowances and expenses therefore we have the right to know what her intentions are. In this instance Dalton stayed hidden from the public and announced her resignation in a letter to the local press. Did the Chairman of APC know she was going to resign? If he did, when did he know?                                                                                              What has she got to hide?                                                                                                               Quite a lot.                                                                                                                                            Her Gangs and Grooming business                          http://gangsandgroomingeducation.vpweb.co.uk/Contact-Us.html  which was set up several years before the Jay report was published and never declared on the Register of Interests-as required by law.                                                                                                        Her knowledge about the extent of CSE in Rotherham. She was Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults (May 2012 to May 2013) and Chair of Licensing Board (May 2013 to date) Licensing Committee (May 2013 to date) which was supposed to scrutinise paedophile taxi drivers.                                                          Not a very impressive record for a Labour councillor who constantly criticises Independent councillors and members of the public for daring to stray away from her agenda ie: Don’t ask awkward questions.

Tell us Cllr.Dalton what you know about CSE and the misuse of taxi’s for prostitution.  Even if you choose to remain quiet the details will emerge and will be made public.                Young children were abused on your watch. What did you know and what did you do?                                                                                                                                                         Did any RMBC employees attend any of your Gangs and Grooming training sessions and if so how many?                                                                                                                           Do you agree that reporting an Independent councillor to the Monitoring Officer for an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct whilst failing to declare an interest makes you an hypocrite?

Dalton seems intent on remaining a Parish councillor.  Why?                                    She was rubbish as a Borough councillor. She was a member of RMBC which was named and shamed as ‘not fit for purpose’, She failed to declare her business to the Monitoring Officer and refuses to discuss what she knows about CSE.                           She cannot read and understand a simple budget sheet.                                                                 Is she a suitable person to be a Governor of Greenlands school? It could be argued her integrity and honesty are open to question.

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5 Responses to Dalton-Afraid To Face The Public

  1. S Thornton says:

    Latest update on Cllr Dalton refusing to answer questions. At tonight`s meeting, 4th March, she chaired the Finance committee, she took the Chair, selected a few items on the agenda, then closed the meeting to the howls of derision from the Public. What she actually forgot to do was to select those questions on the agenda that were asking her to explain her position on the Parish Council . This Cllr has no shame. Time to go


  2. wakey says:

    The evidence we supplied to Louise Caseys team about gangs and grooming education, the busines listed as being run from Cllr Daltons home address has now been sent to a journalist at a national newspaper, after he showed an interest in the story.


  3. Colin Tawn says:

    Does Judy Dalton think that by resigning her seat we will have forgotten about the CSE scandal, the misuse of taxis-paid for by Rotherham residents-and her performances at APC by May?
    The whole rotten saga of Rotherham and her part in its downfall will be kept firmly in the public arena until the elections are over. Furthermore she forgets the new Commissioners will be examining the roles and actions of every councillor/cabinet member prior to the Casey report so no matter what spin she puts on her story the people of Anston will be made aware of her failures and the failure of the Labour party to protect vulnerable young children.


  4. Insider says:

    Dalton and her ‘Gang of Four’-Beck, Burton, St.John and Stonebridge-is the biggest obstacle to reforming Anston Parish Council. Her inability to chair a meeting in a proper manner, her refusal to answer questions about CSE, her continual sniping at Independent councillors whilst allowing her Labour comrades to interrupt and shout and her failure to declare her interests have made her an object of derision.and coupled with her lack of understanding of a simple budget sheet it is no wonder she is under fire.
    She must resign as a Parish Councillor after being labelled as one of the Borough councillors who is ‘not fit for purpose’.
    Dalton and her gang are muppets and deceivers and they should all resign immediately, that also includes the sham ‘Independent’ Brindley who is as useful as a Kleenex parachute.


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