Watch and Weep-Louise Casey gives evidence to HOC Committee

Louise Casey CB, Director General, Troubled Families, Department for Communities and Local Government giving evidence to the HoC  Communities and Local Government Committee Monday 23rd February. It is over an hour’s viewing so I would advise you get a comfy chair.

Prior to Lakin taking over RMBC was led by Roger Stone who refused to accept there was a CSE problem. He hounded and bullied anyone who disagreed with him. CSE first reported to RMBC in 1999.                                                                          No minutes of any meetings exist to record what was discussed.

You will hear Louise Casey tell the committee RMBC was inept and incompetent.        It was and is in denial.                                                                                                                      The council did not fail because of lack of money, it failed because it let people down.                                                                                                                                                   The council was poorly scrutinised.                                                                                        RMBC refused to recognise the perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage.                              It was an uncomfortable truth they would not accept.                                                            Lakin was inept and a poor leader.                                                                                              Front line workers are ashamed they work in Rotherham.                                                   It is not and never was a question of money, it is about lack of competence and lack of leadership.                                                                                                                            Regulating Taxi Licensing was a joke.

Also giving evidence is Miriam Rosen, former Executive Director and Acting Chief Inspector, Ofsted.  She is adept at avoiding giving a direct answers to questions and struggles to admit Ofsted screwed up its inspection of RMBC.

Burton,St.John and Stonebridge still claim they ‘knew nothing’ about the extent of CSE. They were forced to admit, after questioning at APC meetings, they were ‘aware’ of CSE in Rotherham but “We were told to keep quiet”.                                         As you do when children are being abused?

Dalton in the meantime set up her infamous                                           and on April 17th 2013 posted this;                                                                     

She was Chair of the Taxi Licensing Committee in Rotherham.                                   She was also the Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults (May 2012 to May 2013) and responsible for overseeing taxi drivers.                                 Licensing Board (May 2013 to date) Licensing Committee (May 2013 to date)              Louise Casey has a lot to say about the ineffective control of Rothertham’s taxi trade . This was all highlighted last year so why did Dalton and her committee not act immediately to tighten the existing lax rules?

South Yorkshire Police are also being investigated for their lack of actions, lack of proper supervision and possible links between perpetrators of child abuse and police officers.                                                                                                                                            Disgraced former Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright-who was in charge of Children’s Services in Rotherham from 2005 to 2010– is due before the same committee next month. Perhaps he’ll reveal the truth instead of telling the fairy stories he told before being forced to resign.






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10 Responses to Watch and Weep-Louise Casey gives evidence to HOC Committee

  1. S Thornton says:

    Sorry, I dont think you can use “honest” in the same line as ” Beck, Burton,Dalton, St John and Stonebridge.
    Beck made false accusations against an Independent Cllr – that`s not being honest
    Burton says she knew nothing of CSE, then says she did, – that`s not being honest
    Dalton made false statements to the Standards Committe, twice, – that`s not being honest.
    St John also made a false statement to the Standards Committee, that`s not being honest.
    Stonebridge also made false statements to the Standards Committee ,that`s not being honest
    Make your own mind up.



  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Louise Casey gets my vote for ‘Woman of the Year’. How refreshing to see and hear someone before the HoC Committee who does not ‘Umm’ and ‘Err’ before answering questions nor seeks to divert attention from the question with ‘agency ‘ did Miriam Rosen when she was asked pertinent questions.
    The tarnished reputation of Rotherham is the sole responsibility of Labour councillors who are condemned by Mrs.Casey as ‘not fit for purpose’.
    If only Beck, Burton, Dalton, St.John and Stonebridge were as honest and open as Louise Casey……..


  3. The Rev A Isaacson was at the meeting of The Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel – Friday 14 October 2005. What did he do regarding the addressing of Child Sexual Exploitation?


  4. Veritas says:

    After watching Louise Casey on the HOC committee video and the straightforward answers she gives it is no surprise Eric Pickles sent her to find the truth about Rotherham and its failures to get to grips with these crimes against children.
    Poor procedures, poor record keeping, poor leadership and a refusal to recognise the perpetrators were mainly of Pakistani heritage. Instead of creating community cohesion (allegedly the role of former cabinet member Mahroof Hussain) RMBC created more tensions by pretending the problem does not exist.
    Mrs.Casey has done us all a favour; She has exposed the deniers, she has exposed the inept cabal who misruled the borough and she has kickstarted the process which will sweep away the cretins who allowed this to happen.


  5. Judy Dalton’s husband John Dalton was a co-optee on the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel. He had been co-opted from the Lifelong Learning Opportunities Scrutiny Panel where he was a Teacher Representative.
    Scrutiny what scrutiny, scrutinising the possibility of a business opportunity?


  6. Insider says:

    I find it unbelievable that Sir Kev claims he knew of only one case of CSE. His brother was at the 2005 seminar and his daughter Amy was a member of the Former Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel (June 2005 – April 2011) and a member of Children’s Locality Safeguarding Champions established in June 2009. She was also the representative for Rotherham Children’ and Young People’s Trust Board.
    So she never spoke to her dad about the unexploded CSE bomb she and RMBC knew about?
    If we are to believe that is the case then she is not fit to be a borough and parish councillor.

    Burton and Dalton are very happy to be seen canvassing with Sir Kev.
    Birds of a feather flock together?


    • Watchman says:

      Thanks to both you and Dan for posting the additional info about the murky world of Anston and Rotherham’s Labour councillors.The more local residents know about the shameful behaviour of these despicable deniers the sooner we can eject them in May.


  7. Dan Weston says:

    Please note who uploaded this video. A family business indeed.


  8. Dan Weston says:

    Wasn’t Cllr Burton vice chair to Shaun Wright whilst he was at RMBC and Stonebridge head of the scrutiny panel which failed to scrutinise? APC needs a clear out of this dross pronto. Five of them now that knew and did absolutely nothing. Shame on those self serving individuals.


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