Why RMBC Fails-Again.

In case you were wondering what has happened at Rotherham Council after the Casey report named and shamed it as ‘not fit for purpose’ consider the following:

The former Deputy Leader Emma Hoddinot resigned from the Cabinet with Leader Paul Lakin and other members. Rotherham needed a new Leader and Deputy Leader so the town can move on and begin a new start. Rotherham now has a new Leader and Deputy Leader……..But, and this is where it gets silly, the new Leader-Chris Read, member for Wickersley-is Emma Hoddinot’s boyfriend/partner and both of them are full time Unison reps (paid out of the public purse),both of them are employed by North Yorks County Council. In addition they are also paid from the public purse for their second jobs as RMBC councillors.                                                                                 Can you smell anything yet?

The new Deputy Leader is Gordon Watson-member for Wales, an ex-teacher at Maltby Academy and a member of the NUT. It is alleged He took part in the noisy demonstration outside the UKIP office in Rotherham when Farage visited.*Edit*            Watson’s vision of democracy is rooted in his left wing Socialist beliefs:                        There Will Be No Opposition To Labour Control.                                                       *In today’s Advertiser (20/02/2015) Gordon Watson denies being at the demonstration*

Watson openly admits in this interview :                                                          http://www.itnsource.com/en/shotlist//ITN/2015/02/04/T04021545/  he had not read the report by Louise Casey but was-and is-in denial about her conclusions. Let’s think about this; RMBC Labour borough councillors-including Beck,Burton and Dalton-elected a Deputy Leader who did not read the Casey report but immediately denied it’s validity when interviewed for a national television news report and the new Leader of RMBC is shacked up with the former Deputy Leader who was criticised as part of the problem, not the solution.

How must the victims of abuse feel knowing the same old faces who ‘knew nothing’-and are in denial-have ignored the Casey recommendations and gone through the revolving door just to swap places at the trough?                                                                                    Is it any wonder five Commissioners are being sent to run Rottenham? How much lower can these shabby Labour councillors-who lack morality and humility-sink and continue to deny they are ‘not fit for purpose?’  

Meanwhile Miliband offered a token apology.                           http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/ed-miliband-admits-rotherham-child-abuse-victims-were-terribly-let-down-by-labour-representatives-1-7055963 ‘Terribly let down’?  Wow! What will he do next, visit them and slap their wrists?               Miliband wants to be PM, on this evidence he hasn’t got the bottle.

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3 Responses to Why RMBC Fails-Again.

  1. Veritas says:

    One of the most significant parts of Louise Casey’s report in my opinion is the refusal of Ex RMBC Leader Stone and disgraced Ex PCC Shaun Wright to speak to Ms.Casey. Stone has been labelled a ‘sexist, overbearing bully’ and Wright was in charge of Childrens Services from 2005-2010. Both of these Labour ‘stalwarts’ probably think if they remain silent all this will be forgotten. No it won’t.
    Chris Read and Gordon Watson do not have the gravitas nor the experience to influence the direction of RMBC, all they have is membership of the Labour party which no doubt they will use as a weapon to coerce their fellow Labour councillors to help them present a “united front” to try and hoodwink the people of Rotherham into believing everything is now OK and ‘please vote for us’
    Everything is not OK. RMBC is rotten and corrupt and the Labour party is in crisis and possibly one of the reasons Miliband has not really cracked the whip at Rotherham is because his party is struggling to find decent and honest candidates who are not tainted by this scandal or who have no connections with current or former members of RMBC.
    To say that the report on the horrific experiences of young children is part of ‘a right wing conspiracy’ is despicable beyond words.


  2. Insider says:

    If I understand the news item correctly Hoddinot and Read are paid by Unison,North Yorks. CC and RMBC? So much for Labour councillors spouting about ‘ordinary people’ when most of us are lucky to have only one job to pay the bills. Hypocrisy, Double dealing, Denial and the Old Pals Act are the benchlmarks that define RMBC. We need the Commissioners in Rotherham to weed out these slackers and parasites and if necessary get rid of them.
    I am more than angry that Miliband and his councillors in Rotherham refuse to finally admit what happened on their watch and offer little or no support for the victims.


  3. Colin Tawn says:

    The sheer brass neck of Labour councillors at Rotherham never ceases to amaze me.
    Most of the former ‘Old Guard’ are still in place, this is akin to reshuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic.
    There is evidence that Hoddinot was involved in the discussions to elect a new Leader so it is no surprise her lover boy got the job. What will be even more sickening is if he gives her a job that ensures she is once again at the top table. (Until the Commissioners take over)
    Watson is a dinosaur socialist so what he hopes to achieve is anyone’s guess.
    Read says he ‘wants to start afresh” and “rebuild trust in Rotherham”. I remember Lakin saying almost the exact words and we know what happened after that. If he really wants to make a ‘fresh start’ he should begin by giving Jacqui Collins and Neil Concannon their P45’s. He should then make sure Beck and Burton are relegated to the post of Full Stop Monitors.
    As for Miliband’s ‘apology’-cant of the highest order and a disgraceful thing to say to the true victims in all of this; The abused young people who Labour ignored.


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