The Amazing Invisible Dalton.

Video from last night’s Anston Parish Council meeting (16th February)

It is in 3 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You will also notice quite a number of empty seats at the table. Our fearless Labour councillors were ‘otherwise occupied‘ and Burton was volunteered to be the target. With friends like Dalton,Beck, St.John and Stonebridge who needs enemies?

Counting Dalton’s basic salary of £12,500 pa. plus “special responsibility” allowances as a Borough councillor it is reasonable to calculate she has taken approximately £100,000 from taxpayers since 2011, this excludes earnings from her Gangs and Grooming business. This is the same business RMBC’s Monitoring Officer insists is ‘not a conflict of interest’ for Dalton. In the real world it is.

Why is Dalton hiding from the public?

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10 Responses to The Amazing Invisible Dalton.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Here are some more points to ponder.
    Note that the Labour Group (and I include the so called Independent Cllr Brindly) all voted to accept the minutes of the last meeting, when it was quite clear that the real Independents were stating they were wrong. I say note this because not one of them attended the previous meeting. Cllr Burton`s statement was farcical, “If the Clerk says its true then it must be right”. These documents will be read by future generations in a hundred years time, yet these Labour party Members think nothing of making false statements
    Integrity, what integrity.
    These were also the same people who voted against the motion for their friends, who have links to the CSE issue in Rotherham, to stand down. By not standing up against CSE they are now just as bad as the rest.
    Integrity what integrity.
    These were also the people who voted yet again to prevent an Independent Cllr from taking part in the Finance Meetings, why, because I ask the very awkward questions they do not want to answer. They have now prevented a democratically elected Independent Cllr from speaking for two years.


  2. valerie sheldon-ennis says:

    Also speaking of Joyce Brindley – It was her who stood up at a Parish Council Meeting, walked round the room to the tables opposite and struck Cllr Stuart Thornton for no reason other than her continual derogatory remarks about him were gaining no ground. It was also her that was denigrating Stuart Thornton’s 25 year army career at another meeting. She is a pretend Independent, who never votes with the Independents but always with the Labour lot.
    Time she went.


    • Watchman says:

      There is a strong rumour that Brindley is seriously thinking of stepping down as a Parish councillor. She has never fought an election and has hoodwinked her constituents.
      She will not be missed.


  3. valerie sheldon-ennis says:

    Joyce Brindley says if Child Sexual Exploitation had happened to her grandchildren or great grand children she would have murdered the abusers. I expect many people would feel just the same. However she is seen sitting and laughing with Jo Burton, the woman who knew what was happening and did absolutely nothing.


  4. S Thornton says:

    Cllr Burton, the one who was left in the lurch by her so called “Friends”, stated quite clearly that Cllr Dalton had flu. One would expect that if ones flu was so bad as to prevent one attending a Parish Council Meeting, that the person would probably be “laid low” and “house bound”. Strange then that she looked perfectly well to me when she was waiting to cross the road to her house on the following day.
    Did she lie in order not to attend a meeting ??, did Cllr Burton also lie in a cover up ??, or has our local Doctors Surgery found a new “super cure”.


  5. Colin Tawn says:

    I took the time, as did numerous other people to attend Monday’s APC meeting not only in the expectation of hearing what Dalton had to say but to participate in local democracy. I was really not surprised to learn that the Floundering Four-Beck,Dalton, St.John and Stonebridge.had decided to stay away. Democracy is not best served when people who have legitimate questions to answer treat the questioners with contempt and arrogance.
    It is time for Dalton to swallow a bitter pill. Admit she was wrong, try and show some humility and publicly announce her resignation as a borough and parish councillor with immediate effect.


  6. Veritas says:

    Just how much worse can this get? The four Labour councillors who are implicated in the CSE scandal did not attend Monday evening’s PC meeting claiming to be ‘otherwise engaged’ or ‘ill’.
    They are running out of excuses and running away from public scrutiny. Is it any surprise Louise Casey included them in her “not fit for purpose” statement about RMBC? Not only is RMBC not fit for purpose but Beck,Dalton,St.John and Stonebridge are equally not fit nor suitable people to be councillors.
    Time for this charade to end and the sooner the better.


  7. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    Oh! and why was Dalton hiding from the public, didn’t they say she had flu. I expect that would be political flu then!


  8. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    In the real world it is a gross conflict of interest which would result in instant dismissal, I guess Jacqueline Collins will be joining that real world in the not too distant future!


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