Star performer leaves Anston Comedy Club-UPDATE

Tonight-16th February- after the F &GP meeting at 7pm the Anston Parish Council meeting is due to commence at 7:30pm when Judy Dalton is going to make a statement confirming her resignation as a councillor. Several things arise from this; Expect the Labour party to bus in more of their (dwindling) supporters and do not be surprised when Dalton blames ‘The media/members of the public/Independent councillor(s)/                                and/or                                                                 

Dalton’s inept performances as Vice Chair (unfortunate name for her) and her utterances are legendary. She is supported in her struggles by none other than (‘I know nothing’) St.John and (‘I know even less’) Burton. Dalton spends an extraordinary amount of time tweeting her silly mates, it is to her eternal shame she never devoted the same time to helping 1400 abused children-which happened on her watch .                  Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults (May 2012 to May 2013) and scrutinising paedophile taxi drivers.                                                            Licensing Board (May 2013 to date) Licensing Committee (May 2013 to date)                        I would also expect The Boy Blunder-St.Dominic of Beck-to attend so that he can help her to shout down ‘interruptions’ and ‘hostile comments’ from the people who have helped to pay her wages since 2011.                                                                                                    Do not be surprised either if she fails to mention  which is a nice little earner for her and husband John.                                                                                               (The domain name was renewed in October 2014)

Dalton has been a councillor since 2011. Other than a few pieces of granite with ‘Welcome to Anston’ on them and ineptly ‘organising’ Anston Day-which does not make a profit-and we pay for, what has she achieved? What benefits have flowed in Anston since she and her buddy Burton were elected?                                                                                                       Not a lot.

*Update* Dalton failed to turn up. She claimed she was suffering from ‘flu. St.John “was away” and The Boy Blunder could not be bothered. Stonebridge was absent (again) and Wardle had her usual babysitting problems. (Why be a councillor if you know you might not find a babysitter?)  Consequently there was no star turn at tonight’s meeting, unless we count Burton’s angry exchanges with a member of the public who asked her about CSE, the Casey report and whether she was going to resign.                                        Burton insisted she was not going to resign and inferred she can see no reasons why she should go. She also said Dalton had not been deselected so there,Ya boo sucks.                                                                                                                                                             The video from tonight’s meeting will be uploaded as soon as possible.

UPDATE #2 Dalton’s ‘flu’ did not stop her tweeting her poison at 11pm yesterday.                                                                                                                                              A dose of flu’ leaves you feeling weak enough not to do anything except sleep so we can infer that Dalton is afraid to meet her critics face to face. After her non-appearance at APC last night she now has zero credibility in Anston.  Let us hope she intends to resign as a Parish Councillor at the same time simply because she and the Labour party are toxic.




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9 Responses to Star performer leaves Anston Comedy Club-UPDATE

  1. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    Star Performer! Surely Tarnished Star under Performer.


  2. Insider says:

    They do say ‘Give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves’. Dalton has certainly shown us proof of this. Her refusal to recognise the criticism levelled at her and her Labour cohorts in the Casey report shows the sheer arrogance of Labour Cabinet members who would not resign until they were forced to.
    Dalton has brought shame and dishonour to her position as a councillor and the residents of Anston should not to be treated to the levels of arrogance and disdain this woman shows to us.
    We do deserve better and after May we should have a parish council that is not packed with party drones who have never put our interests first.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Update, No show for Dalton (again) apparently flu (again) Beck St John and Stonebridge all failed to show as well, leaving their “friend” Burton to take all the flack over CSE. They obviously don`t tell her they are not coming.
    A motion was put for Beck, Burton Dalton and Stonebridge to step down because of their connections to the CSE, guess what, all the other Labour Cllrs, Crowther, O`Brien, Bridges and Burton herself, with the help of that staunch Independent (read Labour) Cllr Brindley, all think that they have done nothing wrong, and voted to keep them.
    Its all a question of integrity at the end of the day, all of them failed.
    After the meeting, Cllr Burton stated that both Beck and Dalton had done nothing wrong. Even when I pointed out that Beck had stood down from the Cabinet, she did not accept he had done wrong. She also insisted that all the “Taxi” issues at Rotherham had happened BEFORE Dalton assumed the Chair of the Committee. She was told to read the report again.
    Denial, Denial, its not going to go away.
    Would you vote for anyone without integrity, I certainly would not.
    Time to go.


    • Watchman says:

      Last night’s performance by the sham independent Brindley was another example of why she must step down. Brindley’s so called ‘neutrality’ is a disgrace. She is fodder for the discredited Labour party.


  4. ukipactivist says:

    Anston Parish council putting on another pantomime to entertain the village. I can visualise Ian sinjin playing the baddy. About time he cleared off back to Dinno.


  5. Colin Tawn says:

    Tonight’s meeting should be one of the best ever IMV.
    it will be interesting to note if Dalton shows any contrition for her failures which are well documented particularly in the report by Louise Casey.
    Question of the month: Who will she blame for her downfall?


  6. Stuart Hale says:

    Admin, will the video be posted for those who can’t attend ?


  7. Insider says:

    I agree. She has been on a self-promotion kick since she was elected.
    Dalton has been the subject of over 12 complaints to the Monitoring Officer about her behaviour and comments on APC and her dismissive attitude to anyone who disagrees with her and her show of indifference when corrected facts are presented by others are causes for much comment about her.
    I wonder if there will be a ‘packed house’ tonight to see her squirm and wriggle?


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