Burton and Denial.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that no matter what evidence you put before some people they continually deny the obvious?                                                                                      As an example: Labour Cllr. Jo Burton has been repeatedly criticised for failing to take any actions between 2005-2013 to help children who were involved in the CSE scandal. “Someone else was in charge of the inquiry”.                                                                                     She was an advisor to Children`s Services in 2007 and 2008.  She also often says that the Children and Young Peoples Services was rated ‘very good’ by Ofsted.  Herein lies the problem:  John Goldup, the former Deputy Chief Inspector and National Director of social care for Ofsted said inspectors lacked the focus to target child abuse in Rotherham because they had a “limited” understanding of it. He also told MP’s “We did not get it right on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham… and I apologise for that.”

Click on the link to view in full:                                                                                        http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-31360800

Not only did Burton fail ask questions about the progress of the SYP inquiry and what evidence had been gathered to date she cannot now deny the initial Ofsted report was based on false data and far from being ‘very good’ it is a matter of record the C&YPS was failing young people. The reports from Prof.Jay and Louise Casey CB highlight the long term failure, inaction and lack of inertia in the Childrens and Young Peoples Services. This includes the periods in which Burton was Senior Advisor to ex councillor and failed PCC Shaun Wright (who refused to give evidence to Louise Casey about the extent of his knowledge about CSE in Rotherham).  Paul Lakin-Ex Leader of RMBC-is on record saying ‘the Senior Advisor had the same knowledge as the Cabinet member responsible’.                                                                                            Oh dear Cllr.Burton, had a memory lapse have we? Despite regular questioning from members of the public at APC meetings about the dates she was Senior Advisor and her knowledge of CSE she continues to deny everything.

Jo Burton would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

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6 Responses to Burton and Denial.

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    As a Senior Advisor to Shaun Wright and having possession of the facts pertaining to CSE (See Lakin’s statement above) it is stretching credulity for Jo Burton to say she ‘was shocked by the number of children who were abused’.To repeat Prof.Jay’s statement in her report; “No-one can say they did’nt know”.
    Rotherham Council has been suspended and replaced by commissioners, in response to a further report by Louise Casey that characterised it as being “in denial” and governed by “institutionalised political correctness”. The evidence is plain to see and the case against Burton is growing daily. She is not an effective councillor for Anston. What has she has done for local residents since being elected? Not a lot.


  2. Darley says:

    As a resident of Anston and a parent the startling thing that has stood out to me is not that she has answered the legitimate questions asked to her, this is to be expected based on past form. It is the fact repeatedly when asked about her knowledge she has sat there and grinned, yes grinned!!! I find that truly abhorrent behaviour from a woman with a very faulty moral compass. Independents are quaranteed my family vote in May.


  3. Elana Bajorek. says:

    The truth about what Burton knew or knows about the scale of CSE in Rothertham will never be revealed until and unless she is either dragged before a judicial inquiry or she has an attack of conscience. We might have to wait sometime before that happens.
    Every Labour councillor and their failures from 2000 onwards is mentioned in the Jay Report and Jo Burton cannot deny she did not know about what was happening. Irrespective of what she claims the evidence is there.
    Time for her to go and for Anston Parish Council to be rejuvenated with fresh faces who are not tainted by this monumental scandal. It is indeed Time For Change.


  4. Insider. says:

    Jo Burton’s statements at APC meetings about CSE are insulting to everyone who attends. Does she think we are all fools? There is plenty of evidence available to show her culpability in what went wrong in Rotherham and her repeated bleating about ‘the police were leading the inquiry so I could’nt do anything’ is pathetic.
    If she had done her job properly and asked questions these crimes against young people could have been uncovered much earlier.
    She is a failure like all the other Labour councillors and we do not need her or her party to represent us.


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