Cowardly Labour Councillors-An Update.

On 2nd February a council meeting was called at Anston Parish Council.

Four-yes four! councillors bothered to attend. They were all Independent councillors. Not one single Labour councillor could be bothered to turn up to the Parish Council meeting. The reason? Questions to Dalton were on the agenda so the Labour mafia swung into action and made sure the meeting was poorly attended in the vain hope there would not be enough councillors there to form a quorum. This shows the contempt Anston Labour councillors have for democracy.

Here is the video of the meeting:

On the 4th February the Charity and Finance meetings were held. On this occasion Labour Cllr’s. Crowther, St.John and Wardle turned up along with sham Independent Brindley.  No signs of Beck, Burton or Dalton.  When the Finance meeting began it was time for Labour councillor Crowther (who was chairing the meeting)  to object to Independent councillor Thornton sitting at the table and after a few minutes debate St.John quickly proposed Item 8-signing of cheques-be moved. This was seconded by the other sham Independent Ireland and the meeting was then closed by Crowther. Items 1-7 were not discussed and the other agenda items were carried forward-again!                                                                                               Councillor Thornton will be elected back onto the Finance Committee because A) his removal was illegal and B) Labour councillors know parish business cannot be conducted in the atmosphere of confrontation they instigated.                                   They also know there are elections in May and they are more than worried about the outcome.

Here is the video of 4th February meeting:                                         


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6 Responses to Cowardly Labour Councillors-An Update.

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Dalton and her Labour clique cannot continue to refuse to answer legitimate questions which are listed on the agenda, especially questions asked by a fellow councillor. The Labour councillors have played cat and mouse with Anston Parish Council since October last year and chairman Ireland is so ineffective-and their puppet-they get away with treating parishioners with disrespect.
    Only the guilty refuse to answer questions.


  2. Insider says:

    Beck, Burton, Dalton and St.John are truly an unholy alliance on APC. They obstruct Independent councillors and refuse to engage with members of the public (except their Labour buddies) who after all are the people who pay the bills. The meeting on 2nd February had more Anston residents in attendance than Labour councillors. Perhaps because it was a cold night with light snow the poor Labour darlings would not leave their warm homes. Bless.
    What an affront to the people of Anston and what an insult to democracy.


  3. brooke says:

    Agree 100% watchman about the independents. I hope in May more replace the permanent commuters on the tax payers gravy train that are currently in situ.


  4. brooke says:

    Was the signing of the cheque for the purchase of a field and the subsequent debt us Anstonians have been left with done behind closed doors? Could the Labour mob also please tell us why we have paid £10k to have a few trees chopped down?Why did the incompetent clerk not follow a proper procurement process?The “nobody else wanted to quote” rubbish doesn’t wash. I’ll tell you why 1, he isn’t fit for the role and generally looks out of his depth and 2, jobs for the boys.

    I urge any Anston residents to VOTE INDEPENDENT in May so we can have decent and honest people representing us, not the mob rule that has existed for years.


    • Watchman says:

      The purchase of the land (‘Rackford Meadows’) was completed last year and the deal will cost Anston ratepayers £256,000 over the next 20 years.
      It is the Independent councillors who question the Clerk and the accounts because Labour councillors are economic illiterates and they can’t or won’t ask the right questions to protect our money.


  5. Wasn’t the person who moved to take Cllr Thornton off the Finance and other groups Cllr Robin Stonebridge. I believe he did not attended one (1) full Parish Council Meeting last year and neither did he attend the January Meeting 2015?. Whilst Cllr Thornton’s attendance record is exemplary

    This proposal to remove Cllr Thornton was seconded by Dominic Beck, Yes, Dominic Beck the now disgraced Cabinet Member for Rotherham MBC

    What a sample of disgrace from Labour’s finest on Anston Parish Council!

    TIME FOR CHANGE – Please vote INDEPENDENT on 7 May and give Anston a Council that is for Parish not Party.


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