RMBC ‘Not Fit For Purpose’.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or living in a Yurt in Mongolia for the last 12 months you will be aware of the CSE scandal in Rotherham and the two inquiries into the systematic failures at RMBC.  The Casey Report was published today.

 Eric Pickles made a statement in the House of Commons about Rotherham’s appalling record of failure.. His statement is here:-  http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=17120.

To summarise;  RMBC is Not Fit For Purpose. The Council Cabinet has resigned. Paul Lakin has resigned as Leader and as a ward councillor. Five Commissioners will be appointed to run Rotherham MBC. All RMBC councillors have got to stand for re-election in 2016.

The Casey Report highlights the following;

a council in denial about serious and on-going safeguarding failures

an archaic culture of sexism, bullying and discomfort around race

failure to address past weaknesses, in particular in Children’s Social Care

weak and ineffective arrangements for taxi licensing which leave the public at risk

ineffective leadership and management, including political leadership, no shared vision, a partial management team and ineffective liaisons with partners.

a culture of covering up uncomfortable truths, silencing whistleblowers and paying off staff rather than dealing with difficult issues.

This report is a tribute to Labour’s complete and utter failure to safeguard young vulnerable people. Labour councillors failed on an epic scale to listen to anyone who brought these matters to their attention and failed to take any actions against others who played the ‘race card’.

The Casey Report is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/401119/46966_Rotherham_Report_PRINT.pdf .

It is a document well worth reading to understand the scale of the sheer incompetence and denials revealed by the controlling Labour group.                                                                                                                           Read it and weep.

Vote Labour. Get Failure.

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18 Responses to RMBC ‘Not Fit For Purpose’.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Its my understanding a complaint was made to the Monitoring Officer, Mrs Collins about this very issue. Guess what, she decided that Cllr Dalton had no interest in the matter. I ask all our readers on here, if you had the evidence as above, would you come to the same conclusion that she had no interest !!!. No me neither. This suggests to me like another cover up by the Monitoring Officer at RMBC.
    It is also my understanding, that since the events of last week at RMBC, in which Eric Pickles has said that the new Commissioners will have the powers to appoint (amongst others) the Monitoring Officer, she seems to have had a change of heart and is now looking into the complaint, surprise surprise.
    Too late for the Monitoring Officer, the evidence is there, along with all the other complaints she has failed to take action on, including complaints of Bullying by RMBC Cllrs, who at the time just happened to be on the Standards Committee.
    I for one will be asking the new Commissioners for a meeting to discuss the Standards regime at RMBC,


  2. Veritas says:

    Councillor Judy Dalton has a business she has failed to declare in the Register of Interests at RMBC.
    The guidelines are quite clear;

    Dalton and her husband John run http://gangsandgroomingeducation.vpweb.co.uk/Courses-and-Events.html
    ‘This one day course is for Teachers of Secondary and College students, Educational Support Workers, Voluntary Sector Project Workers, Social Workers, Youth Workers and other Professionals working with young people.

    On this course you will;
    Have awareness raised of
    •Child Sexual Exploitation
    •Grooming processes
    •Spotting the Signs
    •Internet and multimedia grooming
    •Safeguarding and the law

    Engage in Practical Activities for use with Young People
    •A session looking at a series of activities and resources to use in your work with your client group

    Course Fee £120 including lunch
    £95 if paid in advance
    A further £10 per person discount for organisations sending more than one participant.

    Email us to be kept informed of future dates and venues for these courses or to arrange to have a bespoke version of one of them delivered at your organisation’.

    Office Address:
    Gangs and Grooming Education,
    213 Nursery Road,
    S25 2QU
    Telephone 07863 552759
    (Guess who lives here?)

    This is the video produced for Gangs and Grooming.

    Did Councillor Dalton speak to Professor Alex Jay and/or Louise Casey about her courses to tackle and raise awareness of CSE?
    Will she disclose if any employees of RMBC attended the training courses?
    What profits are made from running the courses?
    What expertise and experience do the trainers have?
    Is the company registered for Vat and is the income declared to HMRC?

    These are serious questions concerning the propriety and integrity of Cllr.Dalton and her non disclosure of a conflicting interest.

    Judy Dalton is also alleged to have said “Teachers are the wealth creators in this country”. Considering her husband is a teacher-and a partner in her TWO businesses-you would have to agree he is creating wealth-for the Dalton’s.

    With the scathing criticism of the Chair of the Taxi Licensing Committee in Rotherham (Cllr.Dalton) in the Casey Report and her non appearances at Anston Parish Council meetings (Conveniently at times when she was due to answer questions about her conduct) she does’nt really have much going for her does she?
    If she had an ounce of decency and a shred of integrity she would resign immediately.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Anston Parish Council Meeting on the 16th February 2015. I am dam sure that our Labour Cllrs will be asked yet again to stand down, that`s if they turn up.
    To keep prolonging the agony of denial, only makes them look like the ex Police and Crime Commissioner. Lets remind the good people of Anston of their connections.
    Cllr Dominic Beck, Cabinet Member who has just admitted his guilt by resigning from RMBC
    Cllr Jo Burton, on panels as senior advisor during the reporting period. Cassey says all knew.
    Cllr Judy Dalton, Chair of the Taxi Licencing Committee, savaged by the report, more than most. Her resignation is a must.
    Cllr Iain St John, RMBC Cabinet Member and Mayor during the time of abuse, cannot make up his mind which story to tell at which meeting. At 2005 Seminar.
    Cllr Stonebridge At the 2005 seminar, in which it was stated that anyone who attended could not have failed to be aware of what was happening.
    So there you have it,
    I do`nt think any right minded person would vote for these people come May. They should come to the Parish Council Meeting, face the Public and hand in their resignation.
    Toxic Toxic, Time to go


  4. Alec (Former Senior Social Worker) says:

    Councillor Jo Burton constantly repeats the same old excuse; ‘We were told the police were investigating so felt we could’nt do more’. Complete and utter tosh.
    Quote from Louise Casey: “Others appeared to be content to have been kept in the dark or told the matters were confidential. No-one seemed even curious enough to ask for an update, let alone ask why, with all these police operations,convictions were not being secured”.
    Burton has condemned herself. Sit on the sidelines and say and do nothing because ‘someone else was dealing with it’.
    Her list of jobs with Children and Young Peoples Services is listed on this blog. Hang your head in shame Cllr.Burton and do the honourable thing; Resign with immediate effect.
    You have lost the confidence of the people of Anston. You were re-elected on a lie.
    Shame on You.


  5. Boris says:

    Many thanks.


  6. S Thornton says:

    The Jay report stated that RMBC Cllrs could not have failed to know about CSE. The Cassey Report also states that anyone with “history” at RMBC also could not have failed to know. Two separate reports saying the same thing. Labour Party Members at Anston Parish Council, Beck, Burton, Dalton St John and Stonebridge are all tainted by their repeated denials. They have refused to admit anything when questioned and even tried to blame others.
    I fear that they cannot contradict two reports, so they should now resign from the Parish Council with immediate effect and not stand for Election in May
    (whats betting that we see the same fiasco as the Police and Crime Commissioner, with these persons kicking and screaming all the way, it wont me guv)


  7. Boris says:

    Dominic Becks political career and aspirations are over. His conduct during his brief tenure along with yesterday’ fallout has ensured that.


  8. tom smythe says:

    They are very good at hiding when they have questions to answer. Obviously this is inherit within Rotherham labour. They are an utter disgrace and have failed the people they purport to serve.


    • Insider says:

      This the sort of behaviour we should expect if Labour ever form the next government.(God forbid)
      Remember Damien McBride and his ‘a good day to bury bad news’ and the art of spin defined and refined by the Labour party? Are we seriously expected to believe Labour councillors when they claim “We did not know”? Both the Jay and Casey reports expose this as The Big Lie, it is similar to the defence used at Nuremberg. Has the local Labour party learned nothing at all? Apparently not.
      It will be interesting to see how Beck,Burton,Dalton,St.John and Stonebridge canvass their (dwindling) supporters in the May elections. What redeeming feature can they offer the residents apart from ‘It was’nt me Guv, it was the Big Boys wot did it’.
      Pathetic,Shameful,Disgraceful and Insulting to every decent person in Anston .
      I agree, we need a clean sweep to rid us of these people who are complicit in bringing down the name of Rotherham and the borough.
      Their legacy of humiliation and failure will last for many,many years.
      “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” Cromwell.


  9. tom smythe says:

    I do hope that after yesterday’s report and subsequent resignation of the entire cabinet, Cllr Dominic Beck has the good grace to learn from his mistakes and leave APC.


    • Watchman says:

      Good point Tom. Unfortunately for everyone concerned Beck was elected by misguided voters in Wales. Interestingly he failed to show up at the APC meeting last evening nor did his fellow conspirators Burton,Dalton and Stonebridge.


  10. Colin Tawn says:

    The Casey Report is the death knell for the Labour party in Rotherham and the borough. They have brought shame and disgrace to the town and every resident is tarnished by.their incompetence and failure to take action.The guilty ones know who they are and the silence from other people who know what really happened is sickening. This time the lame excuses have been exposed for what they are. Why should we have to wait until May to kick these corrupt and failed councillors out? If they had any shred of decency they would resign immediately and give us all the chance to make sure Rotherham gets the fresh start it so badly needs.


  11. Dan Weston says:

    I believe by 5pm this evening Riverside House had a number of empty seats. I hope it continues until those complicit are cleared out and exposed. That goes for those on APC too.


  12. Dan Weston says:

    Page 73, all long standing Rotherham councillors must have been aware of CSE and it’s extent. I wonder what Dalton, ISJ and the every denying Burton have to say to that. It will also be interesting to see how their complants against independents who dare to question them are dealt with now the monitoring office has been replaced! !


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