APC Labour Councillors-Cowards and Dishonest.

An APC meeting was scheduled for this evening (02/02/15) at 6:30pm. It was supposed to be a continuation of the meeting held on 19th January.

Only four Independent councillors attended the meeting plus Cllr.Ireland and the Clerk. Not one Labour councillor could be bothered to turn up to represent the people who voted for them. Why ? Because once again there were questions on the agenda concerning Cllr. Dalton, raised by Independent Cllr.Clive Jepson. There has been collusion between Anston Labour councillors on a massive scale. The missing Labour councillors are cowards and they have deceived their constituents by failing to attend Anston Parish Council meetings.                                                               Labour councillors will be knocking on doors during the next few months asking residents to vote for them in May. Why should anyone vote for part time Labour councillors who fail to obey a summons to attend a Parish Council meeting and refuse to answer legitimate questions concerning their behaviour? The questions about Dalton have been agenda items from October 2014 and ever since then she has either                             a) failed to attend Parish Council meetings or                                                                               b) made sure questions about her are on the bottom of the agenda and the PC meetings ‘run out of time’ and                                                                                                                            c) delayed the proceedings by waffling on about less important matters or finding excuses to pick arguments with members of the public.

Answering questions from Independent Cllr.Thornton the Chairman John Ireland quoted a reply from Dalton where she says she ‘Has had lots of letters of support and has changed her mind about about being a part time councillor and resigning as Vice chair’ of APC. It is very odd that Dalton did not think to send another letter to the ‘Advertiser’ (Which published her original letter) stating she has ‘changed her mind’ and giving the reasons why.

Once again Anston residents have been Let Down by Labour Councillors who conspired to defeat the democratic process and stifle legitimate debate concerning one of their own. (Judith Dalton) Who is acting very strangely.

There needs to be a mass cull of Labour councillors who treat the residents of Anston with such contempt.                                                                                                                       Well done to the Independent Cllrs.- Baker. Jarvis. Jepson. Thornton who made the effort to attend and represent their voters.

AWOR from tonight’s meeting; Beck. Bridges. Brindley (Sham Independent). Burton. Crowther. Dalton (Quelle surprise) O’Brien. St.John. Stonebridge. Wardle.

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12 Responses to APC Labour Councillors-Cowards and Dishonest.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Stop the press, news update. Labour Cllrs failing to turn up again. At last nights Finance meeting ,which just happened to be on the same day as the Cassey report. The one in which Beck resigned from Cabinet, and Dalton was savaged in her role as Chair of the Taxi Licensing Committee, Beck had “other commitments” and Dalton had “circumstances” ( what!!!), No one knows where Burton was.
    Too cowardly to face up to the music.
    They take your votes, promise you the Earth, then don`t bother to attend to represent you
    Time to go
    S Thornton
    Anston Parish Council


  2. S Thornton says:

    Good points, don’t think I did not think of it, trouble is we already had a sound and legitimate resolution in place asking for her resignation. She has decided to ignore her peers (and friends) and refuses to go, (whaaaaa, its not fair my Labour buddies were not there to stick up for me). We have put it on the agenda again, and its going to keep being there until she comes to council to face questions. If she refuses to name the “bullies”, then she has to go.
    As for putting me back on the committees, it was not on the agenda, so we could not discuss it. However I am assured its going to be on the next council meeting. It will all be recorded on film, and this time all the Labour Party Members are going to be seen which way they vote.


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    Absolute disgrace.


  4. If the independent councillors had a quorum why did they not discuss Dalton without her being there, they could have passed a resolution condemning her and demanding her resignation. While they were at it why did they not reverse the ousting of councillor Thornton from the committees. The independents had a clear field because anything they passed at this legitimate meeting the Labour idiots could reverse them because they would not be able to put them on the agenda for six months. Can’t help feeling you missed an open goal guys.
    Dave Smith


  5. Watchman says:

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    Stuart Hale:
    February 3, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    It is nothing to do with they couldn’t be bothered to turn up and everything to do with they know they have questions to answer and consistently refuse too. Why……?
    Cllr Dalton seems to forget she works for us and not the other way around. I am still awaiting answers from her as to her involvement with gangs and grooming education. If this is your sisters company Cllr Dalton then please do tell:
    1, why the company is registered to your address. At 50 odd yrs of age does your sister not have her own property?
    2, why when the Rotherham CSE scandal broke you removed the website page that clearly stated the address the company was run from as YOUR address, thus attempting to hide your links to this company?
    3, Again now deleted, the page which clearly stated gangs and grooming education was a trading company of your other company to which you and your husband run.
    4, why is your daughter the “lead trainer” of gangs and grooming education? (Information freely available on twitter). Surely all of the above are a gross conflict of interest. Any professional and transparent organisation would have hauled you in and held you to account. If innocent why the silence Cllr Dalton………..especially in your election year.

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  6. S Thornton says:

    Not one Labour Cllr turned up. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
    It was quite obvious to all those attending, both independent members and the Public that this was a contrived plan to avoid any questioning of Cllr Dalton. Cllr Dalton wrote an article in the newspaper ( with the full permission of the Chairman, Cllr Ireland) that stated quite clearly she was not going to attend any more council meetings. In the article she blamed a “select few” members of the public for bullying her, utter rubbish.
    Despite numerous requests she has refused to name those she accuses, and has carried on attending meetings. This was just a Political stunt that has backfired on her. A democratic vote was taken by the Parish Council to request her resignation. This was passed by a majority of those present. In her letter of reply, she is questioning the democratic process by saying there were not many Cllrs present. What she actually means is she is rejecting the vote because there was not enough Labour Cllrs there to protect her.(I wonder if she is aware that Cllr Burton said quite clearly, “I am quite sure that if she is asked, that she will stand down”, that from her best Labour Buddy.)
    Cllr Dalton carried on in her letter to say that she would have no hesitation in “EVICTING TROUBLE MAKERS from meetings, she was yet again directing her comments to those same said “bullies”.
    This Cllr clearly has an attitude problem when addressing Members of the Public.
    Avoiding a Council meeting in order not to be held to account by her fellow Cllrs is scraping the barrel ,
    Over the last few months the Labour Party Members have been “moaning” that Council Business cannot be carried out because meetings have been disrupted, WELL WHAT AN OWN GOAL, this was an extra meeting to catch up with the unfinished items from the last meeting, by scheming together to not turn up, more items had to be held back. They cannot blame anyone now for “holding up Council Business
    The attendance record by Labour Parish Councillors is atrocious . They ask for your vote and then do not bother to turn up. SHAME SHAME SHAME
    Cllr Dalton should hand in her resignation NOW


    • Stuart Hale says:

      Cllr Daltons “eviction of trouble makers” is clearly evidenced in the widely distributed video of the police called to the meeting saga. Her attitude to the young man legitimately filming the proceedings was bullish to say the least. Evicting people read don’t like people questioning me in order to seek the truth.


  7. The Labour Councillors have been filibustering like mad for months to keep the questions regarding Judith Dalton from reaching discussion. Last night the meeting was called to finally discuss the contentious matters re Judy Dalton. Only the four Independent Councillors turned up, I imagine the whip had gone out from Iain St.John so these matters could not be discussed – It was a blatant ignoring of the meeting by the Labour Councillors, they obviously put Party politics before Parish. However the meeting did go ahead and what a meeting, professional and calm discussion enabled by the fact that Iain St.John was not there jumping up and down shouting, interrupting and being generally rude. My goodness looking at the way the meeting was held last night shows what shabby behaviour he displays.

    Parish Councils should be devoid of Party politics. Last night’s meeting highlights the need for an Independent Parish Council. Anston deserves people who care for the Parish not the Party.

    If you would like to serve your community as a Parish Councillor then please contact The Electoral Office at Rotherham MBC – Telephone 01709 823590.
    The next election is on the 7th May 2015.

    Well done to the members of the public who turned out on a cold and snowy night, their commitment to Anston is commendable.


  8. rothpol says:

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    That’s a new strategy for dealing with criticism


  9. Colin Tawn says:

    Anston Labour councillors have once again displayed a complete lack of honesty and integrity. What are they afraid of? Dalton and St.John are always banging on about the Code of Conduct and the Nolan Principles, which includes-Accountabilty* Holders of public office are accountable to the public for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.*
    After lying to the Independent Person Phil Beevers that they would adhere to the Nolan Principles Anston Labour councillors refuse to face public scrutiny over their previous actions and refuse to answer questions from fellow councillors concerning their conduct.
    Time for change.


  10. Insider. says:

    The non appearances of nine Labour councillors is a shameful act particularly as three of them (Beck,Burton and Dalton) are also borough councillors. I agree there has been collusion between all the Labour councillors who probably hoped last night’s meeting would not go ahead without them. Do I detect the hand of St.John in making sure ‘awkward’ questions about Dalton could not be discussed and answered?
    As Cllr.Brindley was also absent it gives credibility to the statements she is a sham Independent councillor. She is a willing puppet of the Labour party and the sooner she-and the disgraced Labour councillors- lose their seats on APC the better it will be for everyone.

    At the present time APC is not Fit for Purpose, if it disappeared tomorrow would anyone notice?
    I doubt it.
    What a disgraceful and shameful way to treat local residents. Shame on You.


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