On Their Best (Bad) Behaviour.

A contributor-‘Insider’-has sent me this nugget of information. It is the response to an FoI request to RMBC and is signed by Sarah Corbett. Information Governance Manager
Information Governance Unit .Legal Services Resources Directorate
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.  No me neither.

The FoI request concerns the number of complaints about APC and individual councillors. The number and type of complaints about APC are well outside the range you would expect of a small parish council. This is a tribute to the Labour party’s mishandling and control of the parish council meetings and agendas and poor chairmanship by Beck and Ireland.

‘I can now confirm that there have been 28 individual complaints against Anston Parish Councillors since September 2012.  The nature of the complaints against the Councillors were due to their alleged poor conduct. As to the exact nature of the complaints, I can provide the following information:
1. Poor conduct in meeting (6 complaints)
2. Poor conduct (5 complaints)
3. Inappropriate conduct (3 complaints)
4. Addressing individuals inappropriately (2 complaints)
5. Verbal attack (5 complaints)
6. Discrimination in applying Standing Orders
7. Aggression
8. Rude behaviour (2 complaints)
9. Assault
10. Verbal assault
11. Poor chairmanship
You asked how we would resolve these complaints and we have advised that 15 would be resolved by informal resolution and 2 by investigation. The complaints were all considered by the Monitoring Officer in accordance with the Council’s procedure.  Accordingly there will be no formal investigation of the 15 complaints that are to be resolved by way of informal resolution and no imposition of sanctions.’

Have you spotted the deliberate error? A total of 17 complaints have been investigated.                                                                                                                                    The total number of complaints is 28.                                                                         Perhaps Sarah Corbett was off sick the day they did sums at her school?  What has happened to the other 11 complaints? Filed in a bin labelled ‘Forgot’ perhaps?                                                                                                                                            Not only has the Monitoring Officer ‘mislaid’ 11 complaints she has also sidestepped her responsibilities to properly investigate serious allegations against Labour councillors.                                                                                                                                 Labour controlled Anston Parish Council has failed the residents of Anston and their bad behaviour is given the green light  by RMBC’s Monitoring Officer. Who has failed everyone.

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6 Responses to On Their Best (Bad) Behaviour.

  1. S Thornton says:

    The number of complaints is now well above 35 and rising. What is of particular interest is that no one, and by no one I mean Members of the Public, Parish Councillors and even the Parish Council Chairman, cannot get a straight answer as to how many actual complaints have been made. Nor can anyone find out what each individual complaint is about, or who is involved. Mrs Collins, who is the Monitoring Officer at RMBC, (who is in charge of who goes forward to be investigated) is running a secretive system that is not open to full public scrutiny.
    We also have a situation that the Independent Person, who most people attending, think he is working directly for her, comes to Anston Parish Council Meetings, and is seen to be taking copious notes. The “independent Person” then reports back to the Standards Committee in “secret session”. No one has access to his comments, another part of the secret system..
    Its my understanding that some members of the Public are not happy at this secret reporting, and are now thinking of challenging this issue. ( Lets hope people have not been named in these secret meetings, there could be Lawsuits coming along the way)
    A fully Independent council in the May Elections is the only way forward. That way YOU the people of Anston will be represented by those who actually put you FIRST, instead of second, behind the Labour Party.


  2. Daves S says:

    it may have something to do with plonkers that shout and screech in the audience and make stupid comments on here that have made them disregard complaints. Just passing it off as just another nutty right winger having a go


  3. Insider says:

    Thanks for publishing this!
    I moved to Anston in 2007 and Anston Parish Council is probably the most dysfunctional local council I have seen. I find it hard to believe that the Monitoring Officer accepts the situation at APC with little or no action taken against certain councillors who are-to put it mildly-rude and arrogant. The ineffective chairmanship of Cllr’s Dalton and Ireland is so bad it almost comical and as a result it is easy to understand why some parishioners feel cheated and undervalued when valid questions are either ignored by the chair or sidetracked when a Labour councillor persists in not answering questions and appeals to the chair to move on to the next agenda item.
    I will continue to put pressure on RMBC’s Monitoring Officer because the behaviour and attitudes displayed by councillors at APC is a long way from representative democracy.


  4. Colin Tawn says:

    RMBC’s Monitoring Officer (Jacqueline Collins) makes a habit of declaring most of the complaints are resolved by ‘Informal Resolution’. Little is known about how these approaches work in practice, what principles and criteria are applied, and to what effect. These attempts to sort out the mess at APC have not and will not work.for the simple reason that Anston Labour councillors do not really believe in mediation because they see nothing wrong with their actions and attitudes.
    The number of complaints against APC and councillors is a sad reflection on how they undertake their roles as councillors.
    Time for change.


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