RMBC. Planning ‘Consultations’ and Ignoring Residents.

When the Local Development Plan (LDP) was originally published the section that covers Anston mentioned housing-mainly on greenfield sites despite opposition from residents. Anston was let down by the two faced hypocrisy from Burton and Dalton. (At APC meetings they said they would oppose the plans but once they were sitting in the Rotherham Council Chamber they voted for the plan, obeying the Labour party Whip) Some months later the Core Strategy was published and as if by magic a large Industrial Estate appeared on the plan. RMBC has put forward a new site at Dinnington West adjacent to the new A57 roundabout at Todwick (Strangely named ‘Todwick North’) which proposes 70 acres of industry on greenbelt land. Land which is prone to flooding. The intention is to build a large number of warehouse type units on the land. RMBC planners have somehow not noticed the large volume of traffic on this stretch of road which, if the plan goes ahead will bring even more congestion to an existing busy road junction.

Travel less than a mile up the road towards Dinnington and what do we see? A 45-acre empty industrial site already laid out with roads and street lights and which has remained unsold and undeveloped for over four years. Plus there is approximately 25% under utilisation on the existing industrial estates on this road. RMBC did not consult the residents of Todwick to ask if they want to look out over acres of industrial units and to be annoyed and irritated by huge trucks entering and exiting through the planned site. Add to this the massive traffic congestion problems which will happen if this crackpot scheme is permitted. The bus companies still class the Anston/Dinnigton area as ‘rural’ consequently we can expect even more cars,vans and trucks on the A57. RMBC claims to have ‘consulted’ residents in areas affected by new building developments, in reality they sought approval for plans they are determined to push through and have ignored real and genuine concerns raised by residents in Anston, Dinnington and Todwick who will be affected by any new building development on the A57.


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