Anston Parish Council-Clueless, Hopeless and Shambolic.

Greetings meetings fans.                                                                                                                    How is it possible the Vice Chair of the F&GP committee (Enter stage left Cllr. Judy Dalton) and the Clerk Michael Gazur-are so clueless of what is published on APC’s own website? Yesterday evening (19th January) was another opportunity for Labour councillors to parade their ignorance. Item 8 on the F&GP agenda was ‘To approve December 2014 financial overview for publishing on the Web site’. .A resident pointed out..’It was published last week! Before it was approved by councillors’. ‘How can you approve something that is already published’? This was the moment for much confusion by Dalton and Gazur. Neither of them has any idea of what is published on APC’s website. Dalton; “Erm, the Clerk is just checking the website” Whaaaat? So then, open admission by the Chair and the Clerk. ‘We did’nt know, it was an oversight’. Shall we move on? (I said they were clueless). Item 12. ‘To consider/approve a year round mole trapping service at a reduce rate’ Really? Another resident asked if the moles will be caught in humane traps or by other methods and how will the remains be disposed of or dispersed.  Cue mutterings and blank looks from Dalton. Shall we move on? We don’t expect compassion from Labour councillors, They’re only interested in the Labour Party.(It is election year after all)

On to the Parish Council meeting.  Item 1. A presentation about the proposed Skatepark by Dalton’s bag carrier Miles Manship followed by questions from Independent Cllr.Thornton and members of the public.  ‘Have you got a budget?’ ‘Erm, no’ (No surprise there). ‘How much is it going to cost?’ ‘Er, not sure but probably between £171,000 and £200,000’. ‘Have you got funding in place?’ ‘No but we hope to get it’.  Contrast this with Dalton’s original guesstimate that the Skatepark will cost less than £100,000, and Dalton is Chair of the Skatepark Committee. Never mind, it’s other peoples money they want to spend. All this was a great shock to Ian St.John because he is on record previously saying about the Skatepark; ‘It Is NOT Going To Happen’ . Another resident reminded him of this statement and he vehemently denied ever saying it but there are several witnesses to his original outburst. Shock horror. St.John overruled and outgunned. Fancy that.                                                      

Item 7. To agree/approve budget 2015/2016. Item 8. To agree/approve precept. Item 9. To discuss/agree public consultation on budget and precept. Items 7 & 8 should have been renumbered. Item 9 first, as in; Democracy and Consultations-which Labour councillors were elected to uphold. They promised to do this in their election manifesto’s four years ago. The upshot of all this is the precept (aka Anston tax) will rise by 1.9%. Moved by St.John and seconded by Beck the Boy Blunder the Labour nodding donkeys voted in agreement to St.John’s motion. Remember both Cllr.Dalton and Cllr.St.John live in Dinnington and will not have to pay the increased precept they have foisted on Anston residents. Anston’s precept has risen by nearly 7% in two years because of Labour’s financial incompetence. Cllr.St.John also referred to a previous claim by a resident that APC’s figures for the precept was heading for a ‘Car Crash’. At the time Chairman Martin Crowther agreed with the resident that yes, they were heading for a car crash. Closer examination of this years budget proposals shows there is no need for any increases for the current financial year. If Labour councillors understood finance they would not be Labour councillors.

Whilst all this pretend democratic debate was underway it was noticed that Mr. Phil Beevers, the Independent (Allegedly) Person from RMBC was taking copious notes during the Skatepark discussions and later told a parishioner to ‘button it’ when the subject of CSE was raised in public question time. He also nodded his approval when St.John was waffling on about the budget. How ‘Independent’ is the RMBC Independent Person? Not very. He shows signs of being a Labour apparatchik which is not his role or function. Former Labour Cllr.-and Magistrate-Judith Reynolds was in muted talks with Mr.Beevers during the meeting (How very strange)and was in full voice when questions were due to be asked about Dalton’s about face concerning her attendance at APC meetings. Mrs. Reynolds asked ‘why aren’t we discussing parish matters?’ I suggest she reads Dalton’s letter to the press and understands fully that Judith Dalton is a Borough and a Parish councillor. There you go, it’s not difficult is it?

Absent again from yesterday’s important finance meeting. 

Brindley. Bridges. Crowther (Chair of the Finance Committee!). Stonebridge.



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8 Responses to Anston Parish Council-Clueless, Hopeless and Shambolic.

  1. Watchman says:

    hilary estrada-haigh says:
    January 20, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    Once again I asked about Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham. Once again I got no answers.Iain St.John, who was at the now notorious 2005 seminar on CSE said he is not going to answer any more questions. Well Cllr St.John has not even answered one question.
    Variously he has denied knowledge of CSE, of being at the seminar, can’t remember which year he attended a seminar, then the police were dealing with it and on and on.

    Josephine Burton – Senior Advisor to the infamous Shaun Wright has known nothing, then was surprised at the extend of the nothing she knew and now is spinning – We were told the police were dealing with the matter. That was in 2005 – The story broke in 2012/13. That was 7-8 years Josephine – Why did you all not chase up the police enquiry. Mmmm

    Judy Dalton who along with her family has been making money out of the misfortune of these tortured children with her Gangs & Grooming business AND whilst she was (Senior) Advisor to the new Leader Paul Lakin.

    John Ireland, Chairman of Anston PC said – He is not taking any more questions on child Sexual exploitation -This shows the true character of this person – The puppet chairman. Well we will see.

    How disgusting are these people who purport to represent us in Anston.
    They have covered this matter up for years for their own self interest and self preservation and for political party reasons. They have found it safer – for themselves – not the victims – to cover Child Sexual Exploitation up rather than deal with it.

    Vote out these disgusting drones in the next election in May – Anston deserves decent upstanding representatives..


  2. Watchman says:

    It gets better, not only are the finances on the web page before approval, but if you watch some of the film footage of the Council Meetings, you will see our very own Cllr St John signing all the cheques before approval also. This almost back fired on him when he signed all the cheques and then the Chairman without notice closed the meeting. The clerk had to instruct the Chairman to reopen the meeting so he could pass the cheques he had signed. A right Comedy club.
    As for the budget, this is the biggest farce going, after attending all the budget meetings, Councillors were presented with an entirely new set of figures of the Budget and a new precept figure. No Cllr had seen these figures prior to the three days notice.. No Parish Cllr had discussed these new figures whatsoever. But yet again Cllr St John, he who is profligate with OUR money, proposed to accept the Precept figure of 1.9%. This was quite clever considering that we were discussing the 4.7% rise in the budget.
    All the Labour lap doges did there duty and backed him up 100% and voted to accept his proposals ( which were seconded by Cllr “Shouty” Beck”)
    For the People of Anston, these are those who voted yet again, to raise your Tax:-
    Cllrs Beck Burton, Dalton (Dinnington) `O Brian St John (Dinnington) ( all Labour) with the helping contribution from our Independent (not) Chairman Cllr Ireland.
    Those who yet again have voted against the rises are, Cllrs Baker, Jarvis, Jepson and Thornton all Independents.
    Please remember who voted which way on May 7th.
    The comedy clowns have taken over the Circus. Its time the Big Top was dismantled

    S Thornton


  3. Watchman says:

    Anonymous says:
    January 20, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    No representation without taxation! Would be my answer to StJohn, Dalton and others who do not pay Anston’s parish precept?.


  4. Watchman says:

    To add insult to injury Ian St.John accused me of shouting at another resident.
    Pot. Kettle. Black.
    Cllr.Judith Dalton in an attempt to be a smart a**e asked how much extra per year the new precept will add to our annual household tax bills. The Clerk replied ‘£1.64′. Cue smirk from Dalton. She ‘forgot’ this is an additional burden on top of the extra £98 pa.we are already paying as a result of APC’s Labour councillors lack of financial acumen.
    Accountability? Transparency? Consultations?
    No chance.

    Colin Tawn


  5. Watchman says:

    Valerie Sheldon-Ennis says:
    January 20, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    The Skate Park had been proposed and he said “It is NOT going to happen” THAT IS INDISPUTABLE. .To his credit Keith Toyne took this over, got plans drawn up that he presented at APC. When Ian st John saw that this was going forward, he then at a meeting of APC seconded the proposal to have a Skate Park. How two faced is that? Iain St John then got two cast off pieces of equipment, these have never been fit for purpose , they are deemed to be dangerous. The length of time this has been going on has seen many children grow up and leave the area. In fact one boy is now serving in the army, is married with a family of his own. It appears Ian St.John cares very little about Anston and its children. It is time Iain St.John went and we had someone who genuinely wants better things for Anston and it’s children.


  6. Watchman says:

    dave4dinnington says:
    January 20, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Ah the comedy club blunders on in the same old way, how the hell councillors who do not live in the parish have the nerve to propose and second an increase in the precept is beyond me. But goes to show that the Labour party’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.
    Dave Smith


  7. rothpol says:

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    More bad news from APC!


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