Two faces of Democracy.

Although this blog is concerned with and concerned about the ineffectual shambles that poses as Anston Parish Council I thought it would be useful for readers of APCW to see and hear how Dinnington Town Council conducts their meetings. You will notice the Chairman-Cllr.McIver-speaks clearly and slowly, how newly elected Independent Councillor Dave Smith is treated with respect and members of the public can ask questions without being either smirked at or verbally abused.

Compare and contrast this with the meetings of Anston Parish Council which have descended into what can best be described as open warfare between Labour Cllr’s, Independent Cllr’s and members of the public. Labour Councillor’s Dalton and St.John take great delight in harrassing Independent Cllr.Stuart Thornton, preventing him from representing his constituents, and castigating Independent Cllr. Clive Jepson for refusing to vote with the Labour clique. Labour Cllr.Burton has loss of memory when questioned about her knowledge of the CSE scandal and all the while bumbling and mumbling Chairman Cllr.Ireland sits in a trance wondering what is going on (and how soon he can get to the pub.) When Labour Cllr.Stonebridge can be bothered to attend-which is not very often-his contributions to democracy consists of verbally abusing public questioners or sitting in his seat without uttering a word.

Labour councillors in Anston are under threat from the CLP and RMBC’s Monitoring Officer and have absolutely nothing to be proud of.

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4 Responses to Two faces of Democracy.

  1. Dave Bucklow says:

    I’m an ex-pat currently living in Miramichi, New Brunswick in Canada and I used to live in Sheffield.
    I have friends in the Dinnington/Anston area and they told me about this site last year, I have to say it is probably one of the best blogs I’ve read. It is a refreshing change from most local political blogs which seem to be written by councilllors or die hard political activists. Most of what is written about here makes me glad I emigrated! We have some problems here like unemployment but there are no free rides from the Government, we can’t afford your welfare bills, we are expected to provide for our family even if it means holding down two or more jobs.
    Keep up the good work and all the best for 2015!


  2. Colin Tawn says:

    It seems beyond the wit and wisdom of APC Labour councillors to understand the concept and meaning of local democracy. The age of the ‘We Know Best’ politician is dead and gone. Engaging with the local community on things that really matter, such as the precept and spending plans should be foremost, not door knocking promoting Labour’s national policies.
    Independent Councillor Dave Smith and Dinnington Town Council show what can be achieved when real democracy is allowed to prosper.


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