2015…………..A New Start?

Will Labour councillors (Three of whom sit on Anston Parish Council) escape the stench and implications of the Jay Report into CSE in Rotherham? Will Labour councillors on Anston Parish Council ever realise that it is our money they are spending-often without proper consultations? What happened to the promised snow clearance two weeks ago when the Baulk, Nursery Road and other roads in our area became impassable? Anston has been let down by Labour-Again.

Can we really afford more of the same? The same broken promises from APC Labour councillors. The same arrogant dismissal of residents complaints against Labour councillors, and the shambles that is Anston Parish Council, by the politically aligned RMBC Monitoring Officer who seemingly protects Labour councillors. The increased debts of APC which have to be paid by local Council Tax payers, including the non collection of rents and fees from allotments holders and the cricket club (debts not collected by the Clerk to the Parish Council) and the massive £254,000 debt for Rackford Meadows. It was later claimed (by Dalton and St.John) the land was purchased to ‘enhance‘ Anston Stones Wood, ‘enhance’ was never mentioned by Labour councillors when they agreed to spend our money.

We need more Independent councillors on APC to provide a stronger opposition to the Labour clique who have brought Anston Parish Council into disrepute, verbally abused parishioners and broken their promises to the electorate.  Why is it so difficult for Labour councillors to concentrate on their local area and residents problems instead of promoting the Labour party’s national  manifesto?

National party politics shouldn’t be part of local government. Councillors are elected to represent their constituents NOT their political party. Important decisions should not be made in secret sessions or behind closed doors like they are by Labour party councillors on Anston Parish Council.

It is Time for Change. Time for A New Start.






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  1. S Thornton says:

    I assure you that the word “enhance” never entered the discussions about the purchase of the field at Rackford Road. This was made up to “spin the deal” after the event. This is the same Bull***t ( please pardon the language) that Cllr St John of the Labour Party is spreading about, as to why he never completed the draft for the Parish Plan ( it was the purchase of the field, honest).
    I can not wait to tell you of the farce of the “budget” meetings.
    By the way, when are we going to be consulted on the real figures ???? .

    S Thornton

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