New Housebuilding. RMBC and Lies.

At the public consultation on the Local Development Plan which took place at Dinnington Resource Centre early in November I put forward the suggestion of Modular Low Cost Housing which could help people who want to rent homes in the Social Housing Sector. I was told quite forcibly that RMBC cannot dictate which type of new homes are built on a new development. This Is A Lie.                                                                          Whether the Planning Officer who gave me this information is incompetent or just plain ignorant of planning laws is debatable.                                                                            Delivering affordable housing through Section 106: The legal basis for achieving affordable housing lies in Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This enables the negotiation of matters related to development, which are necessary if the development is to proceed but which may not be lawfully secured through placing conditions on planning permissions. In the case of affordable housing, government policy has explicitly put in place the use of planning agreements to facilitate developers’ contributions. Initially restricted to meeting rural housing needs, government policy now enables and encourages planning authorities to obtain contributions on all but small-scale residential development sites (DETR, 1998; ODPM, 2005a, 2005b) RMBC should have explicit policies about the provision of affordable housing in their local development frameworks backed up by up-to-date housing needs surveys. RMBC has failed to do this. Second, policy endorses making the affordable housing contribution on the site for which the permission for the private development is sought in order to foster mixed communities.Nowhere on the Dinnington/Anston LDP is there any mention of Social Housing. Third, where possible, the emphasis is placed on brownfield development as part of the Government’s urban renaissance policy.RMBC is hellbent on building on our Greenfield sites.

Then we have the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is an amount of money paid by developers to RMBC and Parish Councils get 15% of the total sums paid. The levy can be used to fund a very broad range of facilities such as play areas, parks and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities, district heating schemes and police stations and other community safety facilities. This gives local communities flexibility to choose what infrastructure they need to deliver their development plan.

The regulations rule out the application of the levy for providing affordable housing.      The current proposal is to build approximately 240 new homes on land between Lakeland Drive and Swinston Hill. Why does RMBC object to say 10% (24 Homes)  of these being allocated as Affordable Homes?


Wentworth Way will become a through road and a new access road to the estate will be from Swinston Hill made possible by the purchase and demolition of an existing home.

Anston Labour Borough Councillors Burton and Dalton have not spoken up in support of Affordable Homes in our area yet they claim to ‘Have your interests at heart’.  Really?? Dalton lives in Dinnington and Burton lives in South Anston. Both of them voted for the LDP as instructed by the Labour group.

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