APC Meeting Mon.17th November. Two videos.

7pm. Finance & General Purposes Meeting.  One notable attendee was Mr. Phil Beevers the Independent Person who sits on RMBC Standards Board and who made copious notes. He left just after 9pm. and missed the rest of this farce.

Cllr.Thornton questions his suspension from the F & GP Committee which does not allow him to represent his electors. Chairman of the meeting Cllr.Crowther repeats the story about ‘the majority decision’ by the F & GP Committee to exclude Cllr.Thornton.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsyGwwbr8a0

In Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsyGwwbr8a0  APC Meeting starts at 7:30pm. Questions from a member of the public about Labour Cllr.Burton’s knowledge and involvement with the CSE scandal were sidelined and ignored by Chairman John Ireland (The sham Independent) and Labour Cllr.St.John gets angry when questioned by another member of the public about his attendance at the May 2005 CSE Seminar. No change there.

Resident Mrs. Sadler raises the valid point about filming Charity Meetings. As expected Ireland forgot what he said last time and cannot give the correct answer and flounders. Item 11 on the Agenda was ‘To approve suspension  of Financial Regulation 10.3 to allow for a single quote for tree surgery in Anston Stones Wood and to approve tree surgery in Anston Stones Wood’. This item is completely at variance with the resolution carried at the APC meeting on 20th October where it was resolved that ‘The clerk obtain two quotes’ for tree surgery. That resolution was passed by a majority of 10. When questioned the Clerk states three companies were contacted and none of them have responded. Perhaps the Clerk does not have a copy of Yellow Pages in his office? Ireland closes the meeting before the rest of the Agenda was debated instead of extending the meeting for 15 minutes. Has he got a drink problem?

Absent again were: Beck. Bridges. Dalton. Stonebridge. Wardle.

Is it any wonder Anston Parish Council does not have a determining influence within the Borough?


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