Stifling Democracy at APC

(Video below courtesy of Lewis Sadler)

At the APC Charity Meeting on Monday 3rd November Chairman Jong Un Ireland once again tried to stop a member of the public filming and recording the Peoples meeting. This meeting was open to the public.  Anston Parish Council states they are the “Sole Trustee” of the Charity. Sole Trustees means that it is the “Corporate Body” of the Council that is the trustee, not individual Cllrs. The Charity Meeting is in actual fact a meeting of the Council, that has to comply with charity law.   Because the “Corporate body” is the Trustee, (and therefore no Cllr. can be a Trustee) all Cllrs attend that meeting as Cllrs, and Cllrs act on behalf of the “Corporate body”, just as they represent the Parish Council`s  “Corporate body”.  All Cllrs who attend are summoned by Law, in their capacity as Cllrs, not Trustees.  Any meeting that is attended by Cllrs and is open to the Public, is a Peoples Public Meeting. If it’s a Peoples Public meeting, then the new regulations for filming apply. The fact the meeting was being filmed by the Peoples Council (not the Charity note) and then trying to ban members of the public filming is a farce.

At 13:45  Comrade Il Sin Jin raised his voice-Again!-and tried to convince the Comrade members his interpretation of charity law is correct. He was wrong-Again!  At 59:22 Loyal Party member Jud Dolt-on takes over as Comrade Chair of the Finance Committee and threatened Independent Cllr.Thornton-after being passed a piece of paper by Comrade the Parish Clerk-with an obscure offence that carries a jail sentence if he did not leave the table! This was obviously pre-planned by the Comrade Clerk and Jud Dolt-on to prevent Independent Cllr.Thornton representing his constituents. Once again Comrade Jud Dolt-on closed the meeting early because she has absolutely no idea how to control a meeting and cannot have her own way. Comrade Jong Un Ireland left the meeting and went to the Loyal Party Trooper to discuss Party tactics with his pints of beer.

Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Anston.








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3 Responses to Stifling Democracy at APC

  1. LEN says:

    John Ireland, all he nows is how to get to the pub, he is a laughing stok, poor Anston.


  2. A Farce – Well what else would you expect from the majority (Labour) on Anston Parish Council.


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