Labour Councillor’s economics.

Labour Cllr.Judy Dalton has taken over as Chair of the Anston Skatepark Committee-after helping to engineer the removal of Independent Cllr. Thornton from the post-to build a new skatepark or upgrade the existing skatepark for local youngsters. She is also helped by a resident of Woodsetts Mr.Myles Manship. ‘Skate25’ is the provisional working name for the group which according to Cllr.Dalton needs to raise approximately £60,000 to complete the work.                                                                                             .                                                                                                                            Myles Manship was overheard in Woodsetts saying it will probably cost £300,000 to build a new skatepark. What is the true figure? Cllr.Dalton has not presented any costings so far to APC for discussion by the Parish Council and residents. This is a serious discrepancy-£240,000 is not pocket money. A new or improved skatepark is needed but in the real world plucking figures out of fresh air is not the correct way to present a proposal for funding. Money for the skatepark can be obtained via grants from external bodies-If the proposals and figures make sense. Time for Dalton to step up to the plate and tell us what the true cost will be?

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  1. Bob Rust says:

    Only a million, blimey let’s have two. You’d have to make sure the ukip/indy bunch are in favour. They nearly bust a gasket over buying Rackford Meadow to safeguard the woods and add to the amenities of the area. Mind you I think they were against it because it wasn’t their idea.


  2. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics says:

    I think a town centre for Anston is far more important. It would cost only £1 million to purchase plaxtons and rent onto a developer. Anston Parish and business sense are are miles apart.


    • Watchman says:

      Why buy the Plaxton site to rent to a developer instead of a developer buying the site outright? Anston Parish Council nor RMBC have got a spare £1m to spend on any projects.


    • UKIP supporter says:

      It would be a good income and ensure that this site couldn’t be used for houses. For better than spending 250K on a piece of land that was already green belt.


  3. Are they capable of doing this? – They haven’t even got their DBS checks in place yet – How long have they been working with the children without these?


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