APC meeting. (20th October) Watch Dalton duck and dive.

During the Public Session the question of Dalton’s letter to the press (where she announced she would not attend every APC meeting) was raised. Dalton fudged her answer and looks very uncomfortable because a resident dared to question her morality and lack of honesty. Item 19 (xi) on the agenda was from Independent Cllr.Jepson: To discuss the position of Cllr.Dalton as Vice Chair of APC following the Council meeting of 23rd September and the decision to ask her to stand down from the post. By this time it was 9:30pm and Bumbling Chairman Ireland closed the meeting instead of extending it by 15 minutes as allowed under Standing Orders.The prospect of downing a few pints of beer in the Leeds Arms overrode his duty to the Parish. Cue a large sigh of relief from Dalton,Beck and Brindley-and justified grumbling from members of the public who attended-however the items not discussed will be on the agenda at the next Parish Council meeting. IF Dalton attends the next APC meeting she will have to answer Cllr.Jepson’s questions.


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  1. Didn’t Jo Burton say a couple of meetings ago that she knew Judy was willing to step down from the position of Vice Chair of the Parish Council – so what has happened in the meantime?


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