Affordable Homes? In Your Dreams.

RMBC’s  Core Strategy is the outline for the Local Plan which tells us how the Borough in general and Anston in particular will grow over the next 15 years. The Core Strategy directs that most new homes will be built on Greenbelt land. RMBC’s plans are put at least 700 of these new homes onto virgin countryside, but will be re-zoning enough land for up to 3000. The proposed new development will be in an area marked as ‘Dinnington East’. This land is off Lakeland Drive and bordered by Woodsetts Road and Swinston Hill Road.

All the new homes will be privately built, no mention of Low Cost or Social Housing and only 55% of these new homes will go to local people. Furthermore there is no mention of extra schools,GP surgeries,dental practices or shops. Labour Cllr.Dalton says on her RMBC website; ‘I have also an interest in affordable homes, and I am a board member of a social housing charity’. Neither she nor Cllr.Burton mentioned the need for Affordable Homes when they both voted ‘Yes’ to the plans. What is the realistic price an Affordable Home? £95,000? £100,000? £120,000? £130,000+? As an example; A £95,000 home today requires the buyer(s) to find a 25% deposit=£23,750. How can young people manage to save £23k+? There is no paragraph in the Core Strategy that says Low Cost homes cannot be built for sale or rent.There are no reasons why modular prefabricated houses (Kit Houses) cannot be built on some of this land . Modern kit homes have a higher thermal efficiency-and are more energy efficient-than brick built houses and the good news is that a one bedroom kit house can be built for approximately £30,000 and a two bedroom house for about £60k. The examples mentioned above are mortgageable. The Labour party likes to bang on about a ‘Housing Crisis’ (Every problem they mention is a ‘Crisis’)  In this instance why have’nt they and RMBC-which is Labour controlled-ever considered these suggestions as a possible solution? All political parties say “Young people are our future”. I say they should get off their butts and face facts. Young people cannot afford the new homes you are planning and building, stop thinking like your grandparents and help everyone who aspires to home ownership or an affordable modern rented home.

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  1. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics says:

    There would certainly be more justification for starter homes for children who live in the village, rather than executive homes for outsiders. My big concern is a new industrial estate by the Todwick roundabout, which is a Trojan horse for new sprawling housing estates up to Anston and Dinnington, this will be housing by stealth to compensate for all the housing along the A57 that they said had been originally canned. We need the fields to grow food and for breathing space. As Winston said we need to “fight this facist regime in the fields.”


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