Watch Labour Councillors harrass an Independent Councillor

In typical Stalinist fashion Anston Labour Councillors put several general APC matters onto the Finance Agenda to prevent Independent Councillor Stuart Thornton scrutinising them.  Labour members voted Cllr.Thornton off the Finance Committee and other committees because as far as they were concerned his close scrutiny of council spending was delaying their pet projects and, when questioned by Cllr.Thornton, Labour Cllrs. are exposed as financially incompetent and economic illiterates who struggle to understand a simple balance sheet but have no qualms about a proposal to spend our money on fancy schemes eg: A ‘Chain of Office’-from Fattorini!-for the Chairman (Proposed by Labour Cllr. Dalton) and voting for ‘Anston Day’- which is a community day- but is so badly organised by Dalton she forgets to hire portable toilets to cope with visitors needs! Labour Cllrs. conspired together to bar a Democratically Elected Councillor because they were repeatedly asked by him to justify spending our money and hold themselves accountable to local taxpayers. Instead of answering the questions Labour Cllrs. decided not to put themselves under further public scrutiny and voted Cllr.Thornton off all committees.

Video below:

Is it any wonder Labour Cllrs.on APC are held in contempt by the residents of Anston?

You could’nt make it up.

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5 Responses to Watch Labour Councillors harrass an Independent Councillor

  1. Bob Rust says:

    All Co Thornton does is rabbit on and waste council time. At one meeting he accused some other members of filibustering he then proceeded to speak more than all the rest of the council put together and then some more. He (and his supporters) are the ones denying democracy to local people with his time wasting and politicking. For an ‘Independent’ he spends a lot of time supporting ukip, and seems very friendly with them.


  2. Dan Weston says:

    It would appear so Mr Tawn. Obviously the Anston labour group haven’t learnt from their Rotherham counterparts on where a lack of transparency gets you. There again why would they? It would appear some of them were involved in this disgusting cover up and neglect of vulnerable children at borough level. Shame on them.


  3. Colin Tawn says:

    Because he asks too many questions about their lack of openess and procedural goofs.
    He is regarded as a PITA by Anston Labour group and Chairman John Ireland-(who was elected as an Independent)-but Ireland and Joyce Brindley ALWAYS vote with Labour Cllrs.
    At least Cllr.Thornton asks questions.


  4. Not only a Chairman’s chain but Judy Dalton wanted a specially enamelled
    lapel badge, produced by Fattorini for EACH parish councillor. Oh yes Judy Dalton is very good at spending the money of Anston Ratepayers. No cost to her, she lives in Dinnington.


  5. Dan Weston says:

    As a resident of Anston I would like to know why somebody who has been democratically elected cannot sit in this meeting? The lack of honesty, transparency and accountability within the politics of Rotherham at all levels has led to the sorry state we find ourselves in today. These people have zero professional standards and consistently fail to adhere to professional protocol, it therefore begs the question why don’t APC want a transparent independent councillor in attendance……


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