Dalton and CSE

On Friday 14th October 2005 Judy Dalton’s husband John was invited to a meeting of The Former Children and Young People’s Services and Scrutiny Panel at the Town Hall in Rotherham. It is open to question why he was invited.  Fast forward to 2010 and John Dalton was an Executive Member of the NUT (National Union of Teachers), It is alleged he used NUT computers to obtain the email addresses of union members to invite them and others to a meeting at the family home in Dinnington to discuss Grooming of Young People and CSE. The cost to attend this meeting was £120 per person-lunch included.

The following questions need answers: What did John and Judy Dalton know about Grooming and CSE in 2010? Was there a guest speaker(s) and if so what qualifications did they hold to discuss Grooming and CSE? How many people attended the meeting? What was the cost and total profit of the meeting? Was any information passed on to the appropriate authorities and the Police?  In 2011 Judy Dalton was elected as a  Rotherham Borough Labour councillor and has never mentioned either the 2010 meeting or what she knows about the extent of CSE in Rotherham. So much for the expected qualities of ‘Honesty,Openess and Transparency’ which Dalton also fails to display at Anston Parish Council meetings.


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  1. Sandra Allen says:

    At the very least this is a conflict of interest. The dubious morality of somebody who has held positions where their knowledge of CSE in Rotherham is indisputable yet appear to set up a profit making organisation on the back of it is questionable. I take it in light of this Cllr Dalton will be informing the electorate on what exactly she knew about CSE……..she may wish to jog Cllr Burtons memory while she’s at it.


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