Anston Parish Council bending the rules-again

On the Agenda for the Finance meeting (which has now been cancelled twice) there is a proposed resolution to suspend Financial Standing Orders.         Item 10 (c)(1)-To approve suspension of Financial Regulation 10.3 to allow for a single quote for tree surgery in Anston Stones Woods.

At the moment Financial Orders 10.3 says  ;

For orders below £2,000 no competitive quote required. For orders from
£2,000, but below £3,000, two written quotes will be obtained. For
orders from £3,000, but below £20,000, three written quotes will be
obtained. for orders from £20,000, but below £60,000, the Committee/Council will use its discretion, but this should not involve no less than three written quotes. For orders over £60,000, refer to Standing Orders.
What are the criteria for choosing a sole contractor?                                            How will the selection process be monitored-and by whom?                                 In who`s interest is it to squash the three quotes system? It is definitely not in the interests of the ratepayers of Anston.

Watchman says: (20th October 2014) Some work has already been carried out by a local contractor and the decision to use him was not brought before the council.The cost for the tree surgery work so far on 6 trees is £3,065. Another 18 trees require immediate work for a projected cost of £9,000. Finally, after a proposal by Independent Cllr. Stuart Thornton the other council members agreed the Clerk is instructed to obtain three quotes for the extra work. Councillor Thornton showed once again how the council must be accountable to local taxpayers for spending our money and they should not spend it without thinking.

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2 Responses to Anston Parish Council bending the rules-again

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Why have Standing Orders if you’re going to suspend them? Is this proposed resolution another dodge by the Clerk and his co-conspirator(s) to hide expenditure of our money in another section of the accounts?
    I could accuse the Clerk of Non-feasance:
    Non-feasance is an omission to perform a duty, or a total neglect of duty.
    (Black’s Law Dictionary)
    I also agree with vocalyokel’s comment.


  2. vocalyokel says:

    Another good question would be who at APC has got their hand out ? There are at least half a dozen tree surgery companies offering their services within 4 or 5 miles of Anston. Obtaining quotes should be a routine thing for any Parish Clerk. Who I wonder has asked for only one quote ? Who is the contractor they intend to use ? No smoke without fire !


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