Lies-v-Press Statements.

On August 1st in the ‘Advertiser’ Labour Cllr.Dalton said she would not attend every council meeting at APC.  She lied. In her statement to the press Dalton said she was ‘bullied’ by some members of the public however at last night’s (Wednesday 8th October) council meeting she was questioned by Independent Cllr. Clive Jepson to explain her press statement and whether or not she should resign as Vice Chair of APC. As expected Dalton-in full flow and loudly-flatly refused to resign her post and had the gall to hold up a copy of her press statement which, according to her did not represent what she said!  Independent Cllr.Thornton asked to name the people she accused of bullying her. Dalton refused to name names (Quelle Surprise!) but did say “there are a few people who attend APC  meetings who are disruptive”. Dalton needs to take lessons in the English language ; Bullying and Disruptive have separate meanings.

At the start of the F &GP meeting(which followed the Charity meeting) Labour Cllr.Crowther  (Chair) asked Independent Cllr.Thornton to leave his place at the table because the Labour party had voted him off all committees. Cllr.Thornton said he was democratically elected to serve the best interests of his electorate in Anston and refused to vacate his chair and at the same time expressed his view the Labour party had voted against him because he-rightly-asked ‘awkward’ questions. Beck the Boy Blunder finally spoke saying Cllr.Thornton had been voted off committees not by the Labour party but by individual councillors  (Who all just happened to be Labour councillors!) Beck conveniently ‘forgot’ it was he who proposed the original motion to vote Cllr.Thornton off every committee.  Cllr.Crowther then made the decision to close the meeting early denying other Cllr’s and members of the public the opportunity to discuss this matter fully.

Lies,Damned lies and Hypocrisy. You could’nt make it up.

Absent from last night’s meeting:

Burton. Brindley. Ireland. O’Brien. St.John. Stonebridge.–Labour.


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2 Responses to Lies-v-Press Statements.

  1. Public Bullying Councillors!!! Look on this blog at – St.John Abusing Parishioner – The Evidence.
    Wake up and smell the coffee Judy when concerned parishioners press for answers to their questions, it is their right to be told. You abuse the public in various ways – pulling faces, telling lies, refusing to take and answer questions and so on.
    Do not expect the concerned residents of Anston to take this attempt at spin without comment.
    You and your cohorts have a lot to answer for – AND WILL.


  2. JUDY DALTON HAS TO GO – she lies to the public – keeps no promises – says she is bullied – Come off it Judy, it is the Labour “leaders” at Anston Parish Council who are the bullies. Yourself and Iain St.John not forgetting Robin Stonebridge who bullies for England when he bothers to attend.
    When Jo Burton forgets her little girl act she can be very vicious.
    Let us not forget this quartet had great knowledge of the Child Sexual Exploitation taking place in Rotherham AND DID NOT ONE JOT TO BRING IT TO LIGHT. These people are not fit to represent us at any level.
    At the next election – Vote UKIP


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