CSE-Local councillors involvement.

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The light of truth has to be shone on CSE and the places where it shines the brightest is Dinnington and Anston. It has already been made clear above by Woof Justice on what was in the seminar in 2005, but for those who want to check it for themselves go to page 110 and read sections 1344 and 1345 of the (Jay) report.

As the report says “the presentations were unambiguous about the nature and extent of the problem”. So who from Dinnington and Anston attended the seminar of 2005? Jane Havenhand (Dinnington) Philip Wardle (Dinnington) and Ian St John (Anston) Both Wardle and St John have been Lord Mayors of Rotherham. Also on the council at this time was Jo Burton (Anston), her position in all this will become clear soon.

In July there was a meeting of the cabinet members for Children and young peoples services, life long learning, culture and leisure, in attendance were Burton, Doyle, Havenhand and Russell. On the agenda Sexual Exploitation Task and Finish Group, this is the group lead by Stone, and Jay says at 1346 in her report “Task and Finish group was set up in December 2004, chaired by the Leader of the Council. Only one minute of it’s meetings (March 2005) was available, though other minutes contained reference to this groups work.” Part of the above agenda item states, ” a seminar FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE BOROUGH COUNCIL ( my capitals) about sexual exploitation of children had taken place on Tuesday 5 th April 2005″.

Burton (Anston) was elected in May 2005 by the leader and deputy leader of the council to the position of Senior advisor to Shaun Wright cabinet member for children and young people’s services, she remained in this position until 2007, in June 2005 Havenhand (Dinnington) was elected a member. She remained a member, eventually being elevated to senior advisor, until July 2010, the whole way through Wrights tenure. In June 2008 Simon Tweed (Dinnington) became an advisor to Wright, he remained in this position until April 2010.

At a meeting of the children and young people’s services, 9 July 2008 we have in attendance Wright in the chair, Falvey (Dinnington), Havenhand (Dinnington) and Tweed (Dinnington). On the agenda was a major report on CSE in Rotherham, it was kicked into the long grass because of financial worries. June 13 2007 a meeting of the same service in attendance Wright, Havenhand, Whelbourn. On the agenda Protection of Young People in Rotherham from Sexual Exploitation; a report was given by the assistant manager of Safe Guarding Children Unit providing an overview of progress in the protection from sexual exploitation of young people in Rotherham. It was resolved 1 that the continued implementation of the Sexual Exploitation Action Plan be endorsed. 2 That the arranging of a training seminar for Elected members , to be held during July 2007 be welcomed. 3 That the report be referred to the Children and Young Peoples Scrutiny Panel. It doesn’t get much more cynical than this, what action plan? Did they hold yet another seminar? There is no paper trail to suggest they did. REFER THE REPORT TO THE SCRUTINY PANEL that must have really worked because nothing happened.

Wednesday 26 November 2008, attendance Wright and Havenhand on agenda Protection of Young People in Rotherham From Sexual Exploitation. We have yet another report from the assistant manager of the Safe Guarding Children Unit, wonder what the manager was doing? The report was about arrangements to protect children and young people from sexual exploitation. Resolved 2 that the revised Sexual Exploitation Action Plan continued implementation be endorsed. 3 That the changes to the Risky Business Project be endorsed, 4 that the progress being made (what progress you might ask) within this area of work be noted. 5 that a further update of the Sexual Exploitation Action Plan be reported to the cabinet member and advisers for Children and Young People’s Services during January 2009. Low and behold on the 21 st of January 2009 the report duly appeared in front of Wright and Havenhand and they agreed to accept the report, full of action these two. June 3rd 2009 Havenhand became Rother Valley South Children’s Locality Safeguarding Champion.

So here we have it four Dinnington councillors, two who are still RMBC councillors as well as Dinnington Town councillors Havenhand and Tweed, two former Borough councillors who are now Dinnington Town councillor Falvey and Wardle all of whom in the words of Jay ” couldn’t say they did not Know”. Anston doesn’t fair any better they have two, Burton and St John, Burton is still a Borough councillor and a Parish councillor St John is now just a Parish councillor. Burton was a senior adviser for two years, St John also attended the seminar. Havenhand an advisor then senior advisor for five years who also attended the seminar, Tweed an advisor for two years he Falvey and Havenhand attended a meeting discussing a major report on CSE. Jay’s hope that lessons will have been learned taste like ashes in the mouth when you know that these people and others like them are still in their positions. It is time for Dinnington and Anston to stand up and tell these people to go and the rest of Rotherham needs to do the same.

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  1. Iain St.John – In the know right up to his neck – No wonder when this matter is broached at Anston Parish Council he jumps about and tries to convince the public that this is not the place to discuss the matter – He then tells the chair to “Move it on” You have questions, lots of questions to answer Iain St.John and believe me you will be asked and you will answer.
    Iain St.John is always keen to tell attendees at APC “I have just come from a school governors meeting.” Given the above his suitability to be in any position to do with children & young people is questionable – Is he still a Trustee of Safe At Last? – Vulnerable children & youngsters! This man’s past should be questioned and then he should be removed from such positions.

    Jo Burton – Senior Advisor to Shaun Wright 2005-2007 – Then Vice Chair to Shaun Wright 2007-2008 on the Childrens Safeguarding Board. Member 2009 – She admitted at APC that she regularly went to the offices of Risky Business – When questioned at APC she waffles (which is usual for her) and reads out from a prepared script.
    Well Jo Burton Your ARE going to be questioned and you will answer.
    I see she is on the Fostering Panel – That panel should be re-examining her suitability.
    In fact her total suitabiity to represent people is up for examination.


    • rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics.wordpress.com says:

      It is time the Anston public voted the Labour party whip of Ian St John off the parish council. Ian probably wouldn’t even get elected in his own back water of Dinnington.


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