Why does St.John lie?

Last week Labour councillor St.John denied complaints were made against him in 2012. He was asked by Independent Cllr.Thornton several times if he recalled this complaint? St.John said no.(The exchange between them can be seen at about 1:51 in the video of the meeting (below)  On September 30th 2012 several letters were sent to Jacqui Collins detailing St.John’s verbal abuse of an elderly resident and the outcome was that the Independent Person on RMBC was instructed-by Collins-to speak to St.John about his unacceptable behaviour. The former Mayor of RMBC has a conveniently short memory but it never affects his letters of complaints about Independent councillors when he seems to have perfect recall.  St.John’s bizarre outburst against Independent Cllr. Jepson also highlights St.John’s unsuitability as a councillor. He has brought shame and disgrace to Anston Parish Council during his time as a councillor and he should give serious thoughts to stepping down.

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4 Responses to Why does St.John lie?

  1. S Thornton says:

    Berating individual Cllrs is a speciality of Cllr.St John. A few weeks ago I was yet again evicted from a council meeting. As usual, Cllr.St John starts the motion to remove me ( I think we are at least on eviction No.15 by now, all instigated by the same man, (Bullying, what bullying?) He is quickly seconded by either Cllrs.Beck or Dalton, and then the rest of the Labour Party dutifully stick up their hands. What happened this last time, was Cllr. Crowther dared to go against St.John and abstained on the vote. Cllr.St John`s immediate reaction was to begin to berate and bully Cllr.Crowther because he did not vote with him. He then turned on to the Independent Cllr. Clive Jepson and then began having a go at him because he too voted against my eviction. Its one thing bullying your own Party Members, but when a Labour Cllr.starts to bully Independent Cllrs.he should be up in front of the Standards Committee(again).
    This is now the second time Cllr St John has “had a go” at Cllr Jepson for not voting with him.
    Why does this man think he can bully Independent Cllrs, because the Monitoring Officer at RMBC lets him.
    Cllr St John, TIME TO GO


  2. Colin Tawn says:

    A few weeks ago he verbally attacked Independent Cllr.Clive Jepson who voted against a Labour resolution! St.John asked Cllr.Jepson “Why did you vote against it?” Clue for St.John: Independent means independent and not voting with the Labour sheeple who follow their party line.
    You could’nt make this up.


  3. He also said he has a thick skin and has a lot to offer. Thick skin for sure, A lot to offer – We have seen what he has to offer – lies, abuse & obfuscation. Didn’t say much when asked about what he knew of the Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham . Oh yes, didn’t he say to the puppet chairman John Ireland – Move it on.


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