Thacker’s Final Report. (Grim reading)

Thacker’s final report for Rotherham Council has revealed the town’s continuing struggles with child sexual exploitation.The update going to the council’s cabinet today said there are currently 47 open cases being dealt with by the town’s social care child sexual exploitation team. The majority of the children involved are girls, with five boys among the 47. The Jay Report said there had been ‘blatant’ failings between 1997 and 2009 (When Burton and Havenhand were on the Safeguarding Panel) and “The abuse is not confined to the past but continues to this day.”

RMBC refuses to confirm whether Thacker received a payoff. Another example of Labour controlled RMBC refusing to confirm why failure is rewarded in Rotherham.  In the meantime Jacqui Collins remains silent.

‘Common Purpose’ might find Thacker a job in another Labour stronghold but she is tainted and now virtually unemployable.

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