Anston Parish Council-The Farce Continues……..

At tonight’s meeting of APC Chairman Ireland announced the meeting would be filmed-without sound-“To test the film quality”(?)  Another person was also filming the meeting, cue Ireland asking why because “the meeting was already being filmed”. It had to be explained to him the Openess of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 does not say only one camera is allowed to film a meeting. Is he really a suitable person to chair PC meetings when he does not know the law? Especially as the Clerk was sat next to him and had to keep reminding Ireland about relevant legislation–and to keep to the agenda..

Dalton decided to not turn up to this meeting-again. There were items on the agenda questioning her suitability to be Vice Chair of APC (given her statement to the press about being a part time councillor) and her positions on Parish Council committees. She is going to be asked to resign as Vice Chair because full time commitment to Parish affairs is required from Parish councillors. Public question time was the usual shambles mainly due to Ireland refusing to allow councillors to give full and proper answers to members of the public.

A video recording of the meeting can be seen here: Parts 1 & 2.  Seated from the left-Cllrs. Burton.Thornton. Jepson. Bridges and Jarvis. St.John makes his appearance at 26:31 in Part 1.——————— Thanks to for the recording.

The names of the Labour Councillors who were elected to Anston Parish Council to represent their electors and did not attend tonight’s meeting:

Beck. Brindley.* Crowther. Dalton. O’Brien. Stonebridge. Wardle.

(Steve Baker-Independent-sent apologies to the Clerk before the meeting)

*Brindley was elected (unopposed) as an Independent councillor but she has consistently voted with Labour councillors and has never voted against them. She should either stand down or declare she is an Independent Labour councillor and let her voters decide.

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8 Responses to Anston Parish Council-The Farce Continues……..

  1. Sandra Allen says:

    The Web hosting was renewed on the 3rd October 2014 and is currently live.


  2. S Thornton says:

    Could you be a bit more specific about the dates/year – it could be very interesting


  3. Anonymous – Was/is it dollars or £’s or are you having difficulity with your £ key?
    If dollars one is left wondering why! Your reply would be valued.
    Re your comment above – thank you – VERY useful.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Councillor Dalton was offering training to Rotherham teachers on spotting / detecting grooming / CSE of children . A website was set up and cost of 1 day training was $120. I received these spam emails offering training. I am member of NUT union and Dalton’ s husband was elected NUT Executive member at that time.
    The training courses offered came after the jailing of the grooming gang in Rotherham a few years back.


  5. Colin Tawn says:

    Watching APC in action is embarrassing, a clueless Chairman and financially incompetent Labour councillors who resort to shouting, verbal abuse and lying when confronted with hard facts and reliable evidence.
    Part time councillors with part time brains.


  6. hestradahaigh says:

    Having watched the webcast of this meeting, why when Jo Burton was called upon to step down did John Ireland take it upon himself and say, more than once, “No she’s not”, Burton & Ireland – A pair of shocking individuals they are not fit representatives. Both should go and NOW


  7. S Thornton says:

    Re the CSE,
    our ever faithful Ex Mayor and Ex RMBC Cllr, Cllr St John, who normally cannot wait to tell us all of his years at RMBC, was awfully shy about answering a question about his attendance at the 2005 meeting at which CSE was discussed. he was protesting that this sort of thing cannot be spoken about at Parish.
    Better still, he denied (on film) four times that he had not been the subject of a complaint at RMBC in regard to his verbal abuse of an elderly pensioner at a Meeting. He said that this particular person had not made the complaint, it was someone else, when asked by me to name this “somebody else” he suddenly shut up. This is not the first time that he has suggested that “someone else” made the complaint. He is trying yet again to shift the blame, lets hope that he did not use this “fib”, to the Independent Person, when the Independent Person had a word with him about the complaint, ( you know, the complaint he did not have against him) he is implying that I was me who made the complaint, How??
    I think that this is odd behaviour and he may well be losing it.


  8. hestradahaigh says:

    John Ireland is useless but it suits the Labour Party for him to be Chair. Filmed without sound, no mystery there, it would be so his bimbling & bumbling, his lack of ability would not be so obvious.
    So another shambles! And this is how our money is managed by this lot.
    Looking forward to Eric Pickles sending “The Man from The Ministry” into Rotherham, there is quite an amount to tell about 4 of the Anston Borough & ex Borough councillors who were in post
    during the horrendous crimes of Child Sexual Exploitation. And one of them seems to find it amusing!
    Ah well – come the day etc.,


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