Legal and Monitoring Officer–RMBC

Ms.(Horrible term!) Jacqui Collins is a highly paid Senior Officer at RMBC. Her full title is Director of Legal Services and she was appointed in 2012. The unanswered question is: What does she know about CSE in Rotherham? It is inconceivable that agendas, minutes and paperwork relating to CSE has not crossed her desk during the past two years.

When Thacker the Child Snatcher resigned it would be reasonable to suggest Collins and/or her department played some role in drawing up Thacker’s Exit Package (aka Payoff) using our money to get rid of this useless woman.  Collins refuses to answer questions about what she knew and what she knows about who was involved in these serious crimes against children.

Who is she protecting?


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  1. hestradahaigh says:

    May I suggest she is protecting her own derriere!


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