Anston Parish Council in Chaos-Again.

Last Monday’s APC meeting descended into chaos as Labour councillor Burton refused to answer several questions about her involvement in the CSE scandal. Local residents asked her several times about what she knew and about her ties to Risky Business. (In 1997 RMBC established Risky Business, a youth work project meant specifically to deal with CSE. No one could pretend that CSE wasn’t a problem – and yet report after report was written, working parties were established and procedures were revised, all without making any difference.)

Chairman Ireland closed the meeting because he could not control it, not because he was being threatened. Dalton took it upon herself to ask a local security guard to attend the meeting. (She is ignorant of the fact that a security guard cannot arrest anyone and he will be guilty of Common Assault if he manhandles a person from a meeting)*

*Unless a case for self defence can be proved.

The comments below, reblogged from  tell the real story why Anston Parish Council is out of touch and out of control.

S Thornton says:

Reading the report of Anston Parish Council in the Advertiser, the Chairman John Ireland is quoted “Cllr Ireland described the meeting as a “lynch Party” against jo Burton”. NO SUCH THING happened. He lost total control of the meeting again, he stood and watched both Cllrs Burton and Beck harangue a member of the Public and did nothing. I asked him three times to stop the Cllrs, his reaction was to just look at me with his blank stare This Chairman is the cause of the problem, and after he has embarrassed the public and Cllrs of Anston, he comes out with such stupid remarks its unbelievable, its clear he is “past it”. At the meeting I asked him to step into the kitchen area so I could tell him what to do to stop the chaos, his reply was and I quote ” no people will think were having a secret meeting”
The Public are embarrassed by him and the Cllrs are embarrassed by him, Its time he went!!!.

hestradahaigh says:

September 20, 2014 at 12:20 am

I was the parishioner being harangued by Burton & Beck. Remember Burton was Vice Chair to Shaun Wright. Burton says she new nothing about it but admitted she used to go to Risky Business, I pressed Jo Burton to tell me if she was a keyholder for Risky Business (5 times) she just sat looking blank. It was at this point Beck came in, to try to save her. He didn’t want this to be made a political issue, let’s draw a line under it and move on etc., Beck then accused me of not having mentioned the ones that mattered in all this, the children. Someone should buy him a hearing aid. Chairman Ireland rushed to close the meeting, more time for the pub?
I told Chairman Ireland he should fall on his sword being hopeless as a Chairman – His reply
“You should keep your mouth shut” Well John Ireland isn’t that what allowed these shocking crimes to go unreported.

Sandra Allen says:

I think the carry ons at Parish council level are indicative of the wider mire of Rotherham politics. For a Cllr to say CSE was “worth it” just about sums up the lack of intelligence and self serving nature oberserved on a regular basis within Rotherhams politcs. These people are as complicit in this episode as Wright, Thacker et al. If they had a modicum of deceny they would have resigned immediately. As for heated exchanges what do they expect from such an emotive subject ! If they were transparent and took responsibility for their involvement in the first place we wouldn’t be in this situation.


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  1. S Thornton says:

    Can I make it quite clear that when the Chairman of Anston Parish Council makes “quotes” in the Papers he never consults the Council Members as to what he is to say ( he seems to talk to Cllr Dalton though).
    Can I also make it clear that when he calls Members of the public a “lynch Mob”, he is not speaking on my behalf. This language is typical, and that is why the Public who attend, get so angry.
    Councillors are there to listen to the Public, after all, they voted for us to represent them.
    Any Councillor who openly attacks members of the Public who do not agree with them should go, and believe me there are quite a few Labour Councillors who cannot see past the red mist, and blame the Public for their failings.


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