Burton Bites The Bullet.

Labour councillor Jo Burton now says she “was as shocked as anyone when the numbers of 1400 cases of CSE were first raised”. Contrast this with her statement earlier this month when she said “I was not aware of CSE in Rotherham”.

She has gone from not knowing about these crimes to admitting she DID know about CSE. Burton is desperately trying to salvage what is left of her career in local politics.

More to come on this story when all the relevant facts and dates about her involvement are in chronological order……………………………………….

Update: Thacker the Child Snatcher resigned today with immediate effect-after staying away from her office since Monday. She lied to the people of Rotherham and to the Select Committee. She will not be missed.




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3 Responses to Burton Bites The Bullet.

  1. Thacker will have had a handsome pay off – For Jo Burton when she goes – No Such Bung – no wonder she is clinging on – Ah well – All will be revealed.


  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Anston Parish Council is in meltdown, with an ineffective chairman, Labour councillors tainted with the CSE scandal and who are delusional by pretending everything they say is true and residents are wrong.
    Hmmmm………………….that must be why 30+ complaints about them-and Burton- have been made to the Legal and Monitoring Officer.
    Who will protect Burton now?


  3. S Thornton says:

    kicking, dragging, screaming, not a dignified way to go. The longer it goes on the worse she looks. She is becoming a liability to RMBC, Anston Parish Council and the Labour Party.
    Time to go (before the Labour Party humiliates you)


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